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Article Methods of Effective Performance Appraisal

Added on -2019-09-19

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1ARTICLE CRITIQUEIntroductionAppraisal of Performance in an organization is considered as the most criticized practice ofmanaging the performance and the talent as many employees consider it as a waste of energy andtime and others think that it destructs the relationship between subordinates and their managers.For an organization to manage its talent well and for managing the organization effectively, it issignificant for managers to gather all the information about the individual’s performance, theirknowledge and skills and their performance goals and responsibilities for the future. In thearticle, there are various measures suggested and discussed to improve the management ofperformance and its appraisal. For example, methods like new and upgraded scales for rating,methods of forced distribution, improved description of level of performance and competenciesand spontaneous ties to termination and pay may help to appraise the performance of theemployees in the organization in an improved and better way. In this article, the various methodsof effective performance appraisal like systems which are web based and technology basedappraisals are discussed. Furthermore, the behaviors of leadership in an organization andmanagement systems determine the utilization and execution of appraisals are discussed infurther sections.Key Issues/QuestionsFor the organization to have a perfect fit and design of strategy, it is important to have rightfeatures and goals that are set for the organization by involving all the employees and settinggoals jointly (Lawler III, et al., 2012). Also, the most effective system of performancemanagement which relates the performance of HR Functions and comprehensive performance oforganization include the setting of goals and objectives which are driven by the strategy of the
2ARTICLE CRITIQUEbusiness as well as the individual performance. The objectives must be clearly linked with theorganizational and individual strategy and must not be imposed over them because if they do notparticipate in setting the goals, they lack the commitment to achieve them and hence they lackthe intrinsic rewards within them to achieve those goals. Article CritiqueManagement of performance systems involve many features and are complex. The training of theappraisers and the employee being appraised is necessary for successful accomplishment ofperformance management appraisals. The key leadership and managerial aspects determine theefficiency and effectiveness of system of performance management. It includes the seniormanagement leadership, ownership of management and balances, checks and system ofoperations as they all deal and handle with the leading and owing of the system of performancemanagement. The web based system of performance management are fast and they speed up theprocess but many leaders and users of that system are not used to it which leads to errors in theoutcomes and results of this performance system. Although web appraisal system can help tospeed up the process, permit wider participation in appraisal and setting of goals, structuring ofwork process for individuals, they still lack the adaptability from the employees as the system isnew for them and they are not that much skilled to operate them. In most of the largecorporations, the appraisal systems are customized based on the work’s complexity andhierarchy levels in the organizational structures. It is considered as a tedious process as itrequires various appraisals designs which can be biased and produce less effective results for theactual performance.

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