Critiquing a Qualitative Study Assignment

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5) Critique of a Qualitative Study Group PowerPoint Presentation (PPT): 20% Due: Module 5:Wk 10Qualitative research is an important research method for nurses to be familiar with for evidence-basedpractice. The purpose of this assignment is to give a framework for critiquing aqualitativestudy.oPlease work within the group assigned and fully address the following topics as they apply in an8-10 content slide PPT,not including title and reference page.Use 3rdperson. Each grouphas an assigned qualitative study posted within their group Discussion Board to assess.Groupswill be createdapproximatelyby week 6.oOne memberfrom each group (the group leader) will submit the finalgroup PPT in 2 places:The assignment submission link in module 5 and on Module 5’s Discussion Board.oOnce PPT is posted on Discussion Board, please take time to look at your colleagues work andfeel free to comment on their presentation's relevance to nursing practice as well as theirpresentations content and visual appeal. This is a non-graded discussion boardoSubmissions handed in late will be subject to a5 point per daylateness penalty, unless priorarrangements have been made between the student and the instructor.This is a group project; however, each student will receive an individual grade based on one’s peerreview, as well as the final Power Point Presentation that is posted.Please read rubric carefullyGuideline questions:Address these topics/areasin the 8-10 slide PPP clearly and concisely. Review textbookespecially Chap 14Identify the different areas of the study andcritiqueit according to these guidelines:Title:Is the title of reasonable length? How do you know? Clear? Are the study conceptsmentioned in the title? Does the title suggest the population under investigation? If so who?Abstract:Is purpose clearly, concisely stated? Is there a brief summary of the results?Introduction:Was the problem statement clearly stated? Is the problem and its importanceto nursing discussed and backed by logical argumentsLiterature Review:Is there a literature review? Are the researcher’s literature sources:primary? secondary? current (within the past 5 years of the article’s publication)? Is thereview merely a summary of past work or does it critically appraise and compare the keystudies (noting strength and weaknesses)Methods:Is there a specific design, tradition, or method of qualitative research is used?Critique if this is an appropriate method to use for this topic. Describe the data collection8-11-16 mkm1
method. Is the method of data collection consistent with study design? How was informedconsent gathered? Protection of participants?Samples:What sampling strategies were utilized? Does the researcher give reasons for theirselection? What is the setting of the study? Is the setting appropriate for the study?Analysis:Describe the researcher’s data analysis. Any bias noted? Did any themes ortheories emerge and if so what were they?Results/Findings:? Briefly describe the results (outcomes) of the study? Does theresearcher address the results in relationship to all research questions and/or hypothesesstated in the article? Are limitations to the study discussed, do you agree? Are there otherlimitations not mentioned that could skew the resultsSummary Assessment: Clinical relevance: After reading this study, describe understandingof the topic of the study. Does it seem trustworthy? What does this study contribute tonursing practice? Based on your critique do you believe this is a valid study? Is thereevidence of transferability.Grading Rubric for Group PPT Presentation:CATEGORY100-90 (A)14.30 – 12.85 pts.89-82 Pts. (B)12.70 – 11.70 pts.81-74 Pts. (C)11.57 - 10.57 pts.73-0 Pts. (D-F)10.42 – 0 ptsEarnedpointsAmount ofInformation8-10 contentslidesAll 7 topic areas areaddressed with 8-10content slides notincluding title andref slideAll 7 topic areasare addressed.However, there aresome answers tomajor questionsmissing within the8-10 content slidesOnly 5-6 topicareas are fullyaddressed.Missing answers tomany of the majorquestions asked.Slides eithersucceeds or fails inmeeting therequired slidelimit. Informationis not alwaysclear.Less than 5topic areas arefully addressed.More than 10slides or lessthan 8 slidesused.Informationgiven is scantyleaving thereader withmany questionsof what theauthors weretrying to conveyQuality ofInformationInformation isclearly andconcisely statedwith supportingevidence and/orexamples.Information flowsInformation isclear. Some of themajor points aremissing supportingevidence and/orexamples.Slides have aInformation isvague orconfusing. Someinfo or topicsmissing. No detailsand/or examplesgiven. Slides areInformation isgivenincorrectly; onlyanswers thequestionsregarding thestudy8-11-16 mkm2
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