John Brown's Message and the Reconstruction Amendments


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1IntroductionJohn Brown was an American abolitionist who mainly believed in armed insurrection and considered that it was the single way to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States. Equality and freedom are considered the right of every individual. In this report, we will discuss two different papers. In the first paper, we will define the message of the John Brown by using peonage, reconstructions and the reversal of the 14th and 15th Amendments, current issues and Civil Rights of police brutality (Richards, 2014). On the other hand, in the second paper, we will discuss a factor known as Wrong Side up. Furthermore, in this paper, we will also study how families survive in the Depression. Both the papers gives us a significant understanding about theconstitutions of the America and a film of Ken Burns.Paper 1As per its current condition, the message given by the John Brown is a warning to the Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. He was correct freedom is the right of an individual person, and itis necessary to treat every individual equal with others because the overall success of a country depends on it. According to the 14th reconstruction amendment different types of the right such as equal protection right and the citizenship rights is awarded to the individuals (Re, 2012). Theywere enforced to minimize discrimination on the basis of color, and race of individuals. As per the reconstruction amendments, warning given by the John Brown is completely correct. According to reconstruction amendments, it is right of every individual to get freedom as given to other persons. This constitution does not involve a specific prohibition on discrimination on the basis of sex and another basis. It is completely intended to guarantee freedom to different former slaves and to prevent discrimination by providing civil rights to former slaves and
John Brown's Message and the Reconstruction Amendments_1

2citizens of the US. Peonage was comprehended within the involuntary servitude and slavery defined by the thirteenth amendment act (Richards, 2014). Peonage mainly declares that neither involuntary servitude nor slavery, shall existing within the United States. The only thing which comes under peonage is punishment for crime whereof the party have been stated convicted of the crime. So, according to the peonage amendment, the message given by the John Brown is correct in its place because he did not give any punishment and not occur any crime. He just demanded his rights and obligation which are awarded to them being a person of the country. The 14th Amendment act mainly declares that all persons born naturalized or born in the US are citizens of America and also includes African Americans. So, as per the declaration of the 14th amendment, the message of the John Brown is right in its place. They are also the members of the US and should give same right as providing to others. And the 15th Amendment Act of the United States prohibits every government from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that color, and race of the citizen or previous condition of the servitude (Brandwein, 2016). So, it can be said that they have the full right not only of freedom but also give their votes on different issues of politics. Overall it can be said that the message given by the John Brown is right and as the member of the US they also has the right to award all such facilities and rights which are awarded to others.Civil Right movements refer to the African-American civil rights movements. It is a social movement whose purpose is to finish color and racial discrimination and segregations in the US (Morris, 2016). Different types of amendment acts are developed to provide them protection and civil rights. Civil rights of African-American citizens said that they should take the initiative in securing their different constitutional rights. In the case of denied from giving such rights, they should take aggressive legal and political action to save their rights. There are a number of issues
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