Essay on Classical Greece Influence Classical Rome

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2PART I: SHORT ESSAYS: 25 POINTS EACH, 50 TOTAL POINTS.In what ways did Classical Greece influence Classical Rome?Select three Classical Greekinfluences and analyze how they influenced Classical Rome.Give examplesThere is no doubt that Rome had changed the world. They created an complex network of roadsthroughout Europe. Similarly, they provided the idea related with the three branches ofgovernment. However, it is also true that "Rome was not built in a day". Or in other words, it canbe stated that “Rome was not built by the Greeks in a single day”. In present day, the Greeks andthe Italians often point towards the similarities that are present between the two cultures(Boardman, 1988). There is a striking resemblance present between Roman and Greekarchitecture. Similarly, the typology is also the same, although the names may be different, butboth sides of Gods are present on Mount Olympus. At its zenith, the Roman Republic and alsoduring the commencement of Roman Empire, in case a Roman patrician wanted to achieve theeducation of the highest level, they attended the school's present the in Greece (Rothaus, 2000).For example, Marcus Tulius Cicero, who was a leading constitutionalist, philosopher and apolitician aligned in opposition of Julius Caesar, introduced the 'common' Roman to the Greekphilosophers when he translated several texts from Greek to Latin. It is said that Julius Caesarand Mark Antony, his General had trained their legions in the Spartan manner. Caesar and hisadopted son/nephew Augustus held Alexander the great in high esteem. During their visits toAlexandria, they went to the tomb and paid their respects to the great Greek general. There areeven rumors that Caesar had wept near the statue of Alexander when he felt embarrassed that somuch had been achieved by Alexander at much younger age as compared to Caesar.
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