50. START. START. Log-In (15 minutes). Log-In (15 minut

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50Figure 8: Daily Operation ProcessFigure 8 showed the daily operation process of the company.STARTLog-In (15 minutes)Cleaning the Office(15 Minutes)Start of Business Operation(2 Hours)Break Time (30 mins)Continues Business Operation(2 hours)Break / Meeting(If Necessary)30 MinutesCleaning the Office(15 minutes)Log-Out(15 Minutes)END
51StartThe start of the operation of the business begins upon opening the storewhere the Proponents will perform their assigned task in the company.1.Log-InThe Proponents should log-in at the company’s log book to verify that theycame to the store to perform their assigned task. They are allowed to log-in from 8:00 am until 8:15am only.2.Cleaning OfficeThe Proponent will clean the store first before the operation starts. It maytake 15 minutes to clean the store.3.Start of Business OperationThe Proponents will start the operation of business at 8:30 am. Theydecided to give at least 2 hours for the operation of the business in themorning.4.Break timeThe proponents will have their 30 mins lunch break5.Continues of Business OperationAfter break time, the Proponents should go back at the store to continuethe operation of the business. The Proponents decided to give at least 2hours to continue their operation
526.Lunch break / Meeting (if necessary)The proponents will take their lunch break for 30 mins. If necessary, theProponents should conduct a meeting to tackle things that happenedduring the operation of the business, and discuss all the business’matters. Thirty minutes is allotted for the meeting.7.Cleaning Office (closing)The Proponents should clean the store before leaving. It may take 15minutes to clean the store.9. Log-OutThe Proponents should log-out at the company’s log book before leavingthe store.
53PURCHASING FLOWCHARTIF YESFigure 9: Purchasing ProcessFigure 9 shows the Purchasing flowchart of the company.It helps theproponents in determining the purchasing process.StartLog inInventory counting(10 mins)Contact supplier for the orders and otherconcerns(5 mins)Waiting for the supplies(30 mins)Is the productin goodcondition?Acknowledgment receipt(1 min)End
541.Log-InThe proponents will log-in on or before 6:00am.2.Inventory countingThe proponents will do physical counting of products for about 10minutes. This is to identify if the products given by the supplier arecomplete.3.Contact the supplier for the orders and other concernsThe purchasing personnel together with the general manager willcommunicate with the supplier for other concerns regarding theproduct for about 20mins.4.Waiting for the supplierThe proponents will wait for the supplier to give the orderedproducts.5.Quality assessmentThe proponents will check the conditions of the product for about30mins. If there would be problems on the condition of theproducts, the proponents may return or replace the product.6.Acknowledgement of the receiptAfter checking the product qualities, the supplier will issueacknowledgement receipt with the number of received supplierwhich will take about a minute.
55IF NOIF YESFigure 10: Distribution Process in Walk-In CustomerFigure 10 shows the Distribution Process in Accepting Walk-In Customers.It helps the proponents in determining the Distribution process.StartWaiting for customersInquiries of customers(10 mins)Is the customerwilling to buy?Transaction(3-5 mins)Accepting payment andIssuing receipt(5 mins)End
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