5G Wireless Networking: Advantages, Challenges, and Real-World Applications


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ITC513 - Wireless Networking Concepts

Communication which can be done through mobile phones which has eased the flow of
information from one person to another and made it easier for the flow of information which
can be done through improvements day by day. It all started with 1G technology which has
taken face of 5G now which has been prevailed nowadays. The report discussed is focusing
on 5G which is for wireless communication and use of it nowadays and the upcoming years
to come. 5G is considered to be high level technology which is in usage in times today, which
is mainly due to the fact that it uses applied sciences which could be used in communication
through wi-fi technology which is used today. 5G is considered to be the most suitable, faster,
reliable and easy to use in wi-fi technologies used today.
The report discussed below will mainly discuss about the developments of the
communication which is done through without the wires and the requirements it has over the
society. Difficulties that are faced in todays world technology of wi-fi which are fee system,
streaming of video, FM, Radio as well as digital archives which could be easily resolved by
using the technologies which are used recently in the 5G network used today. Streaming of
videos could be done faster than ever before and would be easier too. The report will surely
discuss existences usefulness of the 5G, its high advantages and the privatises difficulties in
upcoming time.
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