ENISA Threat Landscape | Report

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1ANSWER 1The case was about the ENISA which highlighted the variation in the system of informationtechnology in the year 2014. The report was published as ETL i.e. ENISA Threat Landscape.ENISA is the center of expertise in cyber security in Europe. In the report, the cyber threat hasbeen identified. ETL demonstrated the information about the threat of landscape, the agents ofthreat and the attack vectors (Marinos, 2013). The motive of ENISA behind issuing the reportwas to contribute to the execution of the strategy of EU cyber security by using the attainableinformation on the evolution of cyber. The report of ETL provides guidance and on that basis,the management can make decisions and can implement policies related to the protection ofasset.ANSWER 2ENISA stated that the focus would be on the formulation of the strategies for the securityinformation. It can be seen from the above figure that ENISA supports the victim in order to
2solve the problems of security. The organizations and people get the benefit from the usage ofthe infrastructure of security. The guidelines for security are given which help the people toremain safe from the threats of technology. The areas which demand more attention are smartgrids, cities, transport system, etc. The compromise cannot be done with these areas. Thearticulation of the infrastructure of security support in mobilizing the community of cybersecurity in an effective manner(ENISA, 2013).ANSWER 3The insider threats are the mixture of some threats like physical damage, data breach, phishing,malicious code, etc. There are some strategies which will help in combatting the insider threatsare:The tool of protection i.e. DDoS can handle the attacks of DDoS effectively with the helpof fire blades.The practice of auditing on the regular basis will help in solving the problem affiliated toSQL injection.The problem of the data breach can be resolved if the sharing of data from one device toanother gets reduced.The media which provide intelligence to the attackers should not be downloaded.The file should be shared and transferred before the disposition of equipment of storageas it retrieves the data if the formatting is done.ANSWER 4The web-based attack is the most significant as compared to the other threats as their main targetis the host. It pays more attention to the OSI system. It provides susceptibility of various
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