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Report on Personal Experience Working in a Group

Added on -2019-09-23

This report discusses the author's personal experience working in a group at Bermudez Biscuit Company. It covers the setting of goals, performance evaluation, and effectiveness of oneself and the work group. The report also provides recommendations for improving the effectiveness and performance of work groups. Subject: Organizational Behavior. Course Code: 6.
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1IntroductionThe report is made in order to understand the setting of goals, efficiency and performance and the teams and groups in depth. Being an individual, I will be sharing my personal experience of working in an organization as a part of the work group. Further, the report will help in understanding that what I have learned from my experience and how I will set my priorities and the goals in future along with the evaluation of performance. Further, I will be discussing my effectiveness in a specific role along with the effectiveness of work group on the basis of attributes. Then the suggestions will be given for the improvement in performance and effectiveness.Identified Organization and the Work Group I worked in Bermudez Biscuit Company for the duration of three months in order to gain some experience and understand that how the goals are being set by focusing on the maximization of performance and the efficiency. During my internship, I worked in a group, and I actually understood the differences between the groups and teams. Further, the company focuses on the improvisation in technology. The company bakes around 40 distinct types of biscuits in a factory of modern automation, and it includes various brands like Dixee, Crix, rough tops and the crisps of wheat (The Bermudez Biscuit Company, 2016). The company offers fresh products to the customers by focusing on the maintenance of quality. Moreover, my personal experience of working ina work group was full of ups and downs as I faced various challenges initially while working like I was being pressurized by the members of my group in order to work moreas compared to them, I found it difficult to show my talent and capabilities as I was being dominated by other members of the group. I was not able to perform effectively and efficiently as compared to the work group. The tasks and the roles were not equally distributed among us. Also, I had observed that the same thing was happening in another work group as well. The seniors in the work group were very dominating and authoritative.Furthermore, all these things impacted my performance to a great extent. I was over-burdened with my job, and it reduced my level of efficiency. Also, there were various
2issues in order to coordinate among the members of the work group, and this was affecting the overall performance of the company to some extent. Further, there were 6 members in a work group, and there was a group in which all the members were working in a great coordination, and all the members were working effectively and efficiently which was further maximizing the profitability. Discussion of Goals and performance of oneself and the Work GroupSetting of Goals and Priorities I have learned a lot from my experience of working in a group and now I will be trying to set my priorities and goals effectively in future by attempting to help my group by using the aspirational terms and make them understand the purpose of work easily. I will articulate the goal clearly and try to communicate more with my group members so as to lighten up the passion amongst them. Thinking about the progress of the work, I will attempt to support and ask for the feedback time to time from the group. Group members need to be encouraged with every outstanding performance. I will try to offer the work of interest to the members so that everyone put the best of their efforts into work while working in a work group. I will try to organize staff meetings weekly so as to talk about the queries and discuss the next week's work to be in time. Keeping the competition, market values, organization condition and changing goals in mind the changes, root cause, and new plans will be executed (Lourenço, P.R., Dimas, I.D. and Rebelo, T., 2014). Proper training and skills improvement of every group member will bethere before the start of the project. The group will be sharing a strong relationship with each other with no grudges. Personally, I will be attempting to be more flexible in order to work effectively in my work group so that I can develop a goof rapport with them and will give productive results and I will be more focused towards my group goals as compared to my individual goals. I will try to be calm and compose in order to barrel the situations with ease while working in groups (Webber, S.S., and Donahue, L.M., 2001).Evaluation of Performance in relation to Performance of Group Evaluation is a necessity in the business world to know your stronger and weaker areas to work upon them to have a greater impact. I will keep the qualitative and quantitative evaluating techniques in mind for my performance in a group. I will supervise myself to

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