PPMP20009: Leading Lean Projects Assignment

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2Table of ContentsIntroduction31. Project Management Processes3Choosing the Suburb3Deciding the Land Size 4Choosing the Best Builder4Identifying the Stakeholders (Please refer to Appendix 1)52a. Factors Influencing the Design and Layout of the Dream Home62b. Explanation of the Associated Project Management Processes (Please refer to Appendix 2)83. Application of the Lean Project Management Process9Conclusion10References12Appendices15Appendix 115Appendix 216
3IntroductionLean project management (LPM) may be referred to as the process of applying theprinciples of lean manufacturing in the context of the practices carried out within projectmanagement. The fundamental purpose that drives the implementation of LPM is theoptimisation of value, while, at the same time, minimising waste (Sunder, 2016). A project getsbenefited from multiple aspects with the implementation of LPM. Some of these aspects includereduced lead times, reduced overall costs, greater quality, enhanced productivity and efficiencyand greater consumer satisfaction (Bascoul, Tommelein & Tuholski, 2016). In the context ofconstruction project management, the implementation of lean principles is intended to deliver allof these benefits. This project aims to discuss and elaborate on the LPM processes associatedwith the construction of a dream home. In doing so, this project has emphasised on the processesthat may be used to choose the suburb, decide the size of the land to be bought, choose the bestbuilders and determine the associated stakeholders. Through the implementation of LPMprocesses, factors that may influence the design and layout of the dream home have beenexplained thoroughly. Finally, this project has discussed how to LPM can be achieved in thecontext of the initiative.1. Project Management ProcessesFor this project, the processes of PMBOK have been selected and applied. The utilisationof the processes has ensured that all of the criteria regarding the successful completion of theproject are met and delivered.
4a)Choosing the SuburbFigure 1: Google MapThere are two basic criteria for the selection of the suburb. Firstly, the cost of the landmust be affordable for buyers. Secondly, it must be seen that the selected location is close to allprimary amenities including railways stations and airports, hospitals and markets. Based on thesecriteria, Baldivis, located south of the Perth CBD, may be selected for the dream home project.The implementation of LPM would allow the concerned stakeholders to ensure timelycompletion of the project within the specified budgets. The performance of the activities andwaste elimination can be enhanced with the integration of ISO:21500 (Brioso, 2015). To choosean ideal location, it must be seen that effective plans and project activities are in place andschedule.b)Deciding the Land Size to BuyTo decide the land size to be bought, two criteria were followed. The first one is thebudget of the clients while the second one is the expected design of the construction. Theaverage price of land per square meter in Baldivis accounts for $2750. In this context, it may bementioned that the budget of the clients is not only inclusive of the price of the actual land, butalso other things such as hiring architects for the design of the home, hiring builders and buynecessary materials. The land size is important due to the specific requirements of individual

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