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Running head- Privacy and Security ReflectionPrivacy and SecurityReflection
1Privacy and Security ReflectionIntroductionThis paper is based on the personal approaches as well as feelings on information security andprivacy. This paper will discuss the personal as well as ethical implications of monitoring themovement of the citizens. The main aim of the paper is to identify the behavioral changes in thegeneral citizen due to a network of smart sensors as well as cameras at the traffic lights, busstops, rubbish bins, etc. to monitor the behavior of the people in order to address the street crime.Addressing crimes including street crime is the priority of the concerned government. As the rateof crime including street crime in Hong Kong has been increased, the government is concernedabout addressing the crime in the city. In order to reduce the rate of crime, the government isgoing to implement a proposed plan of a network of smart sensors as well as cameras at thetraffic lights, bus stops, rubbish bins, etc. It will help the government to monitor the behavior ofthe people. The movement of the people will be monitor and control by the government in orderto identify the doubtful activities of the people. The government officials will be keeping a closeeye on the people with doubtful activities. But the matter of concern is that whether thisapproach is ethical from the privacy of the citizen point of view. Monitoring every action,activities, and behavior of the people with the help of cameras at the traffic lights, bus stops,rubbish bins, etc. will affect almost all categories of the people.According to my point of view, it is against the right of privacy of the people because, with thehelp of Smart Sensor Network, the government can monitor the activities of all the people. Thegovernment can monitor the action and activities of the people as they will step outside theirdoor. If an individual is committing the crime or simply walking across all the activities will be
2Privacy and Security Reflectionunder surveillance. However, monitoring the action and activities of the people may significantlycontrol and reduce the rate of crime in the city.Personal and Ethical Implication for the Privacy of Monitoring theActivities of the PeoplePrivacy can be defined as the condition of the life of the individuals characterized by exclusionfrom publicity. Privacy implies that if an individual does not reveal that to who he or she ismeeting, communicating, what he or she is doing, where he or she is going, the time of departureand arrival, it should be hidden and confidential. The revelation of such information should bebased on the will of the individual. If anyone is trying to monitor the action and activities of theindividual in order to reveal such information, it is against the right of privacy of the individuals.The first and foremost ethical concern of monitoring the behavior of the people is that withouttaking informed consent of the people, their action and behavior will be under surveillance. Themain ethical impact is related to the accessibility or inaccessibility as well as the manipulation ofthe information.The people who will be affected by this proposalEvery individual will be affected by this approach of monitoring the activities of the people. It isalso believed that the criminals will find a new way to commit the crime and ultimately thenormal citizen of the country will suffer from this approach of the government of keeping a closeeye on the behavior of the people. For example, the criminals hacked the traffic light of NewYork, in order to run away from the reach of police. In the same way, the criminals can also hackthe cameras at the traffic lights, bus stop, rubbish bins, etc. and accomplish their intention or
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