Security Issues and Protection Mechanisms Data Assignment

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Running head: SECURITY ASPECTSSecurity AspectsTrusty Carpets
1SECURITY ASPECTSSecurity Issues and Protection MechanismsDataIssue related to privacy of data: Many times, the confidential data can come into the hands of anunauthenticated user which may cause loss to the organization. It is not any technological orbusiness issue a social issue, that is an issue related to the individual privacy (Almorsy, et al.,2016). Salesforce IQ Customer Relationship Management enables the possibility for analyzingthe information regarding preferences and buying habits of individuals. Salesforce IQ CRM, theextracting of any hidden and predictive data from huge databases is considered as a significantnew technology having huge potential for companies to concentrate on very important andsignificant information prevalent in the data warehouses. Also the tool of Salesforce IQ CRMhelp in predicting the future behaviors and trends that allows the business for making allknowledge driven and proactive decisions (Bouayad, et al., 2012). The analysis that areautomated and prospective given by the data mining go beyond analyzing past events that aregiven by the retrospective tools specifically for systems of decision support. The tools ofSalesforce IQ CRM may help in answering the business related questions which were highlytime consuming traditionally, identifying the predictive information which the experts may missdue to its highly advanced and non-affordable expectations. The alliance for cloud security did athorough research over all the threats that salesforce CRM faced (Cusumano, et al., 2010). Itdiscovered the following significant issues:Physical facilities related to ITFailure to provide the Security, attacks by another consumer, reliability and availability issue,regulatory and legal issues, Perimeter Security model Broken, Integration of system of customer
2SECURITY ASPECTSsecurity and provider, nefarious and abusive use of Salesforce IQ CRM, Insecure interface ofApplication programming, Malicious Insiders, Unknown profile of risk, traffic, services andaccount hijacking, data leakage/loss, shared vulnerabilities of technology (Luo, et al., 2011).Edwards Clearly stated that due to vulnerabilities, threat and risk in the salesforce IQ CRM ofenterprise like Trusty carpets that are identified, the Trusty Carpets must use followingmentioned steps for understanding and verifying the Salesforce IQ If it wants to proceed withthis proposed solution (Qaisar, et al., 2012).NetworksTake good knowledge of Salesforce IQ CRM by considering that how the uniquely flexiblestructure of Salesforce IQ CRM affects and impacts the data security. This may be easily doneby taking the in-depth knowledge of data which is handled and transmitted by cloud computing.Ask for the transparency by ensuring that Salesforce IQ may supply the good knowledge over itsarchitecture of security and also is willing for accepting the regular audit of security. This auditdone regularly must be through any federal agency or independent corporation (Almorsy, et al.,2016). Assert the internal security by ensuring strong practices of cloud providers that includesuser controls access and firewalls and technologies for internal controls. Also it must be checkedthat they can be well meshed with measures of cloud security.SystemsThe legal implications must be considered by getting to know that regulations and laws that mayaffect the content that is sent to the cloud. Attention must be paid by monitoring and keeping
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