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Plato's Apology And Phaedo | Essay

Added on -2019-09-23

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2Student Name: ESSAY: During the Classical period of Ancient Greece, the first man to establish an institution forelevated learning in the Western World, the man is known to be Plato. In the contemporary time, he possess with spacious popularity world for his works and also decisive figure in Ancient Greek as well as in Western Philosophy (Mark Julian 2017). Plato has always been a prominent figure for his popular work, “Republic”, which eventually provide depthless of a sagacious society galloped by the philosophers. On the other hand, Plato is also a prominent figure for his dialogues (early, middle and late), which eventually exhibits his pivotal a metaphysical theory of forms. Plato has a vast contribution towards the subfields of philosophy such as; cosmology, metaphysics and ethics (Walter 2019). Plato has able to compose a theory known to be a “Theory of Forms” or the “Theory of Ideas”, this theory eventually repudiated the realistic approach of the materialistic world. Predominantly, the theory mentioned that such reality of material world is only the copy or image of the real world (Walter 2019). This Theory of Forms had been first instigated in the book, “Phaedo” also known to be “On the Soul”, on the contrary, Socrates, another Greek Philosopher refused the Pluralism of likes o Anaxagoras. Another important dialogue of Plato is the Apology which eventually describes his defense before the jury of Athenian. To thrive on this two works, this essay is going to make a argument whether both the dialogue represent the same views on the Philosophers or not (Paul 2015).The relevant Professors of Philosophy mentions that Phaedo, Plato’s dialogue possess with two advantages specifically for the readers. Firstly, Plato’s philosophy can be read in a smooth manner and secondly the main theme of Phaedo is the Socrates’s death and also instigates some pivotal quotation of his master (Paul 2015).
3Student Name: The plot of Phaedo is that a number of friends had been amalgamated in Socrates cell, in this particular cell his old pal Crito and two Pythagorean philosophers were also presented, Cebes and Simmias (John M 2018). The story usually had been begun by Socrates and he mentioned that, “Suicide is wrong” as the4 true philosopher had to wait for death and not cause it on the voluntarily aspects. Socrates also mentioned that Soul is immortal; hence, the philosophers did spend his life in a form to detach it from the need of body. In the context of Plato’s Apology, this is eventually the interpretation and collection of Socrates’s Trial. Based on this Dialogue, Socrates had been involved in elaborating who actually is and what type of life is going through (Gregory et al. 2017) In Prologue 17a-19a, it has been mentioned in the very first sentence sets the direction and tone for the overall dialogue. In Apology, it had been showed that Socrates addressing to Men of Athens by mentioning that he had almost forgot who he had been for all these times. It is from the evidence that Socrates’s accuser’s speech had led the philosopher to this point. Then, in this context, Apology eventually contents Socrates answer towards the question, “Who is Socrates?” To thrive on Plato’s Phaedo, this dialogue actually explains major points related to the soul immortality. Hence, it has been mentioned in the dialogue that everything eventually comes from its opposite, such as; a great could not become larger than before as it had been small. Equivalently, death only exists for what is being alive or the vice-versa, this actually interprets the continuous cycle of death and life (Mauro et al. 2015).In this Phaedo dialogue, Socrates had been involved in making a distinction among different things that are invisible, immortal and intangible and the things that are perishable, material and visible. Socrates also mentioned that body is considered as the second kind and soulis considered as first kind. Hence, Socrates able to prove that soul is prevalently immortal and

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