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6.0Assignment Brief SectionASSIGNMENTUnit Number and titleUnit 17 :Database Design ConceptsQualificationBTEC HND Computing and Systems Development (Level4)Term Start Date06/06/2016Assignment hand out date06/06/2016Deadline/ Hand-in05/08/2016Assignment titleDatabase Design Concepts-Tom & Jerry LTD databasesolutionPurpose of this assignment:To give learners opportunities to develop an understanding of the concepts and issues relatingto databases and database design as well as the practical skills to translate that understandinginto the design and creation of complex databases.TASK 1 to TASK 3: You are required to follow the instructions as specified towards each taskand support with research by using supportive materials like books, websites, etc., and givefeedback on the findings by relating your arguments to the relevant case study as specifiedtowards each task.Your report should fully follow the Harvard Referencing model.LO1 : Task – 1:The objective for this task is to address and exhibit understanddatabases and datamanagement systems.You are required to carry out a research by using supportive materialslike books, websites, etc., and give a feedback of the findings on P1.1 The answers need to bereflected to the general Database Management Systems Concepts. Answers withoutapplication to an organization or without examples will be marked as Resubmission.(LO1 A.C 1.1 and A.C 1.2)Required1.1-Aanalyze the key issues and application of databases within organizationalenvironments1
1.2-Critically evaluates the features and advantages of database management systems.TASK 2:LO2- Task 2 Understand database design techniquesThe objective for this task is to address and exhibit understanddatabase designtechniques.You are required to carry out a research by using supportive materials likebooks, websites, etc., and give a feedback of the findings on P2.1 and P2.2. The answersneed to be reflected the Tom & Jerry LTD database solution given on the case study.Answers without application to an organization or without examples will be marked asResubmission.Case StudyTom & Jerry LTDTom & Jerry LTD plan to computerise the sales ordering and stock control systems. Afeasibility study has indicated that a relational Database should be installed. The details ofTOM & JERRY LTD sales and stock control are as follows:Customers sent orders request for goods. Each order may contain requests for variablequantities of one or more products from TOM & JERRY LTD’s range. TOM & JERRY LTDkeeps a stock file showing for each product , the product number, the product details,including product description, quantity in stock, reorder level and reorder quantity, and thepreferred supplier.TOM & JERRY LTD delivers those goods that it has in stock in response to the Customerorder and an invoice is produced for the despatched items. Any items that were not in stockare placed on a backorder list and these items are usually reordered from the preferredsupplier. Occasionally items are ordered from alternative sources.In response to the invoices that are sent out to TOM & JERRY LTD’s customers, thecustomers send in payments. Sometimes a payment will be for one invoice, sometimes forpart of an invoice and sometimes for several invoices and part-invoices.2
You have been appointed as a database consultant for Tom & Jerry LTD to design andimplement a database system. You are responsible to identify any additional appropriaterequirements if necessary in addition to the ones given by the company below. The companypolicy is not to provide their current data set for implementation and testing purpose of thenew systems. It is required to use own set of data by the learners related to the given casestudy for normalisation and testing of the new systems.Have an interface to enter user ID and the passwordEnable the Company to store data securely, by identifying required entities to beconverted into tables. The company given the following entities which are compulsoryand any additional entities identify by the database consultant should include asadditional entities. (Customers, Payments, Products, and Invoices).Create forms user interface for adding records, deleting records and amend recordsfor the tables you have created a part of the solution.All the forms required to include appropriate validation rules which minimise dataentry errors.A report is required that identifies which products need to be reordered. A productneeds to be reordered if the current stock level is less than the minimum stock level.Company required print invoices for the orders that have been placed.The invoice should meet the following requirements:there should be one invoice per ordereach invoice should be on one side of A4Tom & Jerry LTD’s name and address must be displayedthe customer contact and address details must be displayedThe order number and the details for the order, including the product details andquantity, must be displayed.The total cost of the order should be calculated and displayed.Produce a report to show all weekly invoice total amounts.The report should include name and address of the company including contact details,customer contact and address details, total weekly invoice total must be included.3
Create a query to search and find a customer by entering the customer name or IDCreate a query and a report showing all orders where payment is more than 28 dayspast the payment due date etc. The report should include name and address of thecompany including contact details, customer contact and address details.A main menu is required for users to access the different parts of the system. Themenu should load automatically when the system is started.(LO2 A.C 2.1 AND A.C 2.2)Required2.1- Analyze a database developmental methodologyfor the given case study Tom & JerryLTD2.2 discuss entity-relationship modelling and normalisation for the given case study.TASK 3:LO3Be able to design, create and document databasesLO3.( A.C3.1. 3.2,3.3 and 3.4)Required3.1 –for the case study given above consider the user requirements andapply the databasedevelopmental cycleto develop database solution for the Tom & Jerry LTD3.2 –design a fully functional database which includes tables, forms, queries, reports,various validation and verification techniques and various interaction in forms such as droplist , check box etc. by using a suitable database applications for the given case study. Yourdatabase design must contain minimum of four tables linked to your case study.3.3 -evaluate the effectiveness of the database solution and suggest methods ofimprovementfor theTom & Jerry LTD.3.4provide supporting users by providing user manual and technical documentation for thedatabase you have implemented for Tom & Jerry LTD.7 Evidence ChecklistLearning OutcomesAssessmentIn this assessmentyou will have theTaskNumbEvidence Check4
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