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6HL006 Assessment Guidelines.

Added on - 19 Sep 2019

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6HL006 Assessment GuidelinesASSESSMENT TASKYou are required to submit a3000 word paperwhich will explore and examine theevidence and values that underpin a selected policy or strategy (or one particularcomponent of a policy or strategy) in terms of policy making, implementation andevaluation in national or local health services.The paper should demonstrate your achievement of the following learning outcomes;Critically analyse the key features of health policy. Include discussion on howto influence policy giving examples.Critically discuss the key features of health practice. Explore barriers topractice and evaluate the quality monitoring processesGive examples from practice which result in improving practice.You should chooseONEof the following as the focus for your assignment;1.Childhood Obesity: A Plan for Action 2016click here as aopen hyperlinkYou should provide;An outline and critical discussion of the key features of the chosen policyincluding the background and context of the policyChosen policy is the soft drinks levy is working please seen attached Plan for Action2016 has been highlighted with orange markerApply a theoretical model of policy analysis to critically appraise your chosenpolicyfor this please see our lecture Models for policy analysis and evaluation( attached )Stages model of policy making-On agendaNot on agendaDecision for reformDecision against reformSuccessful implementationUnsuccessful implementationPropose enhancements or improvements to improve the effectiveness andimpact of your chosen policyOn your plan for action you need t proposeenhancements or improvements to improve the effectiveness and impact of your chosenpolicy. This can be more than one.The soft drinks levy is working even before it's applied
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