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Learning in health Sciences Assignment PDF

Added on - 30 May 2021

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Running head: LEARNING IN HEALTH SCIENCELearning in health scienceName of student:Name of university:Author note:
1LEARNING IN HEALTH SCIENCEEssay organizationThe author has defined the topic presented in the paper. The author has mentioned thatthe audience often fails to correctly interpret the information presented in the journal. In thepaper the author attempted to throw light on the importance of finding out the truth about theimportance of vaccination of children. The background information to the topic has beenestablished by the author. The author mentions that fraudulent information if backed by anoteworthy publisher can have an improper impact on the readers. The general population ismisguided when they implement the key insights from fraudulent research papers in practice(Bowman, 2014). Further analysis reveals that the author has been successful in clarifying theintension of the essay. The introductory paragraph of the essay states that the paper analyses theimpact of fraudulent information on viewers, found in the research paper titled ‘Measles, Mumpsand Rubella (the MMR Vaccine)’ published in 1998. According to Gastel amd Day (2016), aroad map is to be provided by the author in a paper that gives a brief idea about the objective ofthe paper and the key points that are to be included in the paper. The paragraphs are poorlystructured in that the headings included in the paper are not appropriate and indicative on thecontent of the paragraphs. While the headings for abstract and introduction are mentioned, thosefor conclusion and body paragraphs are not presented. The conclusion of the paper is clear andno new ideas are presented at this juncture. The conclusion leaves me with a sense of theimportance of the paper in relation to the importance of translation of research papers intopractice, and implications for health professional practice. According to Brett et al., (2014)public action is guided by the acceptance of information found in research papers.
2LEARNING IN HEALTH SCIENCEEssay contentThe author does not clearly state that there is no link between autism and MMR. In thebody of the paper it has been mentioned that the article by Wakefield (1998) had mentioned thatmeasles vaccination is associated with the development of Autism Spectral Disorder. However,in the conclusion section it has been mentioned that Andrew Wakefield’s ‘article published in1998 suggests that measles, mumps and rubella vaccine was not linked with autism spectrumsyndrome. The author further failed to provide credible evidence from peer reviewed sources topoint out that there was no link between autism and MMR vaccinations. The author reviewedonly one paper of Tanne (2002) to support the claim. The research is of less value as thepublication date is old. As opined by Flick (2014) a claim is best supported by a rich pool ofliterature that encompasses different sources.The author reflected on how the anti-vaccination movement used miss-information tosupport their campaign. The movement based their protest on two notions. First, it was believedthat there is no real association between the vaccinations itself to wiping out the disease as awhole. Secondly, there lies a school of belief that articles discussing the matter are fraudulent.The example that the author used was that the fraudulent information published by AndrewWakefield was responsible for a noteworthy negative impact on the communities in the UnitedKingdom. The ultimate outcome of the scenario was that parents refrained from treating theirchildren with vaccination. They had the fear that the children would suffer from autism in latertime. As per personal understanding, it would have been advisable if additional information wasincluded regarding the statistics on demographic data reflecting the incidence of non-adherenceto vaccination guidelines. Statistical data is important to understand the exact impact of an
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