(Solved) Product Proposal of Pepsi

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Product Proposal --- Pepsi
The product market is huge with a lot of commodities currently making waves and being sold
to consumers within the country and across the globe. Having reviewed the length of
alternatives available, the choice was made to select Pepsi as the core product. Pepsi over the
year has developed into one of the leading soft drinking brands in the world. The company
has translated from being a mini firm to one of the largest and most patronized soft drink
company in the world. Based on the requirement of this study Pepsi soft drink will be sold
along with my brand of healthy and balance diet meal known as the Big Bite.
PepsiCo Inc is the company behind the manufacture of the leading soft drinking popularly
known as Pepsi across a host of several nations in the world. PepsiCo is an American
multinational corporation well known for specialization in the sales of food snacks and
beverage across the globe. The company has its operational headquarters located in Harrison
New York (Eades & Thornhill 2017). Over the years in a quest to remain relevant in the
market and to effectively compete with other similar brands, the company has focused on the
development of several strategic decisions as regarding the function of marketing,
manufacturing, and also the distribution of its grain-based food, snack, and beverages (Eades
& Thornhill 2017). The company came into inception in 1965 when three major company
form a merger which led to the actualization of the brand is known PepsiCo today, the
company has expounded its product offerings over the years to cater the requirements of a
vast segment of the society (Eades & Thornhill 2017). Regardless of the diversity efforts put
in place by the firm, it most celebrated and the most popular drink is the Pepsi soft drink. It is
severed cold to a host of buyers across the nations of the world. Based on the level of
performance and success it has made, the company is one of the biggest and most valuable
firms in the world (Eades & Thornhill 2017). In 2012 the company generated an excess of 1
billion US dollar in revenues and the company is currently sells its Pepsi drink in more 200
countries in the world (Eades & Thornhill 2017). The company’s popular soft drink brand
simple know as Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink, it is best served cold and it is taken with a
host of snacks and meals by people all over the world.
Additional Component- Big Bite
The Big Bite will be sold along with a cold of bottle of Pepsi soft drink. The product will be
made in a snack like a manner but will put in mind all the basic considerations required of the
creation and accomplishment of a balanced diet. The Big Bite will be created in the form of a
sausage roll and would be sold along with Pepsi soft drink. Although other firms out there are
currently making similar products, I believe that the Big Bite sausage roll will effectively
capture the market by some of the factors put into consideration during the creation of the
snack. The snack will be made with the knowledge needed for the development of a balanced
diet. It will contain a component of all the six classes of food contain very minimal sugar
quantity. It will meet the daily nutrient need of the society and also minimize adverse factors
such as obesity.
The strength of the Big Bite will include the goal behind the creation of the sack which is a
deep consideration of the health needs of the society. Its unique component and ingredients is
also an advantage and the fact that it takes into consideration the balance diet requirement of
society is also merit (Gürel & Tat 2017).However, it also has some weaknesses.The
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