Assignment on Balance Scorecard

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BALANCE SCORE CARD[Document subtitle]
1IntroductionThe organizations have distinct goals and strategies in order to achieve them. But, theorganization has to use the different technique for the management of the business like thebalance score card. The organization requires balance score card in order to maximize theprofitability and achieve the sustainable competitive advantage. Further, it can solve the regularoperational issues of the business. Moreover, the company is being taken, and the balance scorecard is made along with the strategy mapping in order to understand the concept of balance scorecard in depth and know the operations of the company.Company OverviewAGL is among the oldest companies in Australia. The company was established in 1837. Thecompany was founded as the gas light company of Australia and in the year 2006, it wasrenamed as the AGL. Today, AGL is the leading incorporated company of energy and the largestowner according to the list of the ASX. The company is the developed and the operator of thegeneration of renewable energy of Australia. The company is ranked as 30 among the top 2000companies in Australia. The organization aims to offer services of solar, gas, electricity and therenewable energy to the customers. AGL is defined as the major retailer of electricity inAustralia, and the company is also the distributer and retailer, but the AGL's majority of incomeis being produced from the supply of electricity in the industry of Australia("AGL | ElectricityProviders | Gas Suppliers | Solar Energy", 2016).While the organization is offering affordable and secure energy services to the customers, thecompany has the great responsibility in order to minimize the emissions of the greenhouse gas.Apart from this, the company has the distinct portfolio for the generation of the power whichcomprises base, intermediate and peaking generation plants that spread across the traditional
2generation of the thermal similar to the renewable sources. The AGL energy operates within foursegments of the business that includes merchant energy, retail energy, energy investment and theupstream gas.Balance Scorecard of the CompanyMissionThe mission of the AGL Energy Limited is to the nexus on providing the integrated, innovativeand new offerings in order to meet the requirements of the customers which are changing withtime("Sustainability Report 2014", 2016).VisionThe vision of the company is to create the solutions of the energy for both the future and presentcommunities. It is very obvious to have the right people with the correct skills in order to gainthe success for the company.ObjectivesThe company aims to offer the innovative and creative products and services to the clients asthey act as the core of the AGL Energy Limited. Further, the company has the hugeresponsibility in order to minimize the emissions of the gas while offering affordable and secureenergy to the clients.TargetThe target of the company is to maximize the women representation in the leadership pipeline ofAGL. Therefore, this is the more challenging target for the company.Initiatives
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