Working in Diverse Culture Assignment

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Running head: Experience SharingExperience Sharing
1Particulars Page no. Introduction 2Life @Tata Motors Induction Program 2-5Learning Experience 5-6Conclusion 7References 7 Introduction
2“You can’t truly understand something until it happens to you. The meaning of life is discoveredin the experience.” –UnknownThis quote has greater relevance in my life especially after joining Tata Motors Limited (India)as Finance executive at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand State, India. After passing out graduation incommerce, I wanted to join an organization that has unique set of work culture i.e. diverse,experienced, reputed and of course provides scope of learning and growth. It was not so easy tofind such organization until one fine morning I got a call from Tata Motors for face to faceinterview on January, 4, 2018. I put my resume a month before was not expecting to get a call forthe job. It was challenging too because going to another country which is so different from myhomeland from language, culture, life-style and many more aspects. I took challenge and I flewto India for the interview and thankfully I got selected for the post. In this report, I am going toshare my real-life learning experience during the induction and training session which endedrecently in March 12, 2018. Working in a diverse culture, different work style (methods andapplications), relationship with co-workers (socialization) and social learning, barrier incommunication are the 5 important terms that will reflect in this report in way of my experienceduring these three months. [Sinha, J. B. (1990)] Life@Tata Motors Induction programTata Motors Limited is a part of Tata Group founded in 1945. The company deals with passengercars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports car and also military vehicles. Having a turnover of$41billion USD, one can very well imagine the strong presence in automotive industry in India.It is the leader in automotive industry in Indian market for almost 2-3 decades. Today, more than79000 people are working with Tata Motors which is telling how well it manages its business

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