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7304MED Healthcare system PDF

Added on - 19 Nov 2021

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Lindblad, S., Ernestam, S., Van Citters, A. D., Lind, C.,
Morgan, T. S., & Nelson, E. C. (2017). Creating a culture of
health: evolving healthcare systems and patient
engagement.QJM: An International Journal of
Medicine,110(3), 125-129.
What is the main thesis of
the paper
To understandthe primary goal of the healthcare system.
The primary objective related to these systems is to ensure
the enhanced health of the population engaged in the most
effective way and the light of the available recourses and
competing needs of the society in general
What are the main findings
of the work?
Most country healthcare is regarded as an individual good
that is required both as a matter of or persuades in
consideration of human rights. An examination, in this case,
can be considered as ways in which a given system takes
when it comes to addressing values that are commonly held.
How are you assured of
accuracy within the paper
Consistent and accurate as they focus on past and current
effects of these societies in general.
How are you assured ofI am assured of the reliability in this case in consideration to
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