7 C's of Effective Communication Assignment

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Term 3, 2016DB 744 Assessment 1 (Task 1 – Essay) due in week 5The technique to interpret an essay question:Question 1Word limit: 1000-1300 wordsUsingyour selected organisation as an example,analyse and critique'social process'perspectives on change management from the following perspectivesin terms of theirapplicationsin your organisation.Justifyyour answerwith specific examples.(a)TWO of the following organisational theoriesOneof the followingclassical theories:1.Scientific management (Frederick Taylor)2.Administrative principles (Henri Fayol)(2 key points including applications and examples X 2 ½ marks each = 5 marks)Oneof the followingmodernisation theories:1.Human resources perspective:Theory X and Theory (McGregor)2.Behavioural sciences approach(2 key points including applications and examples X 2 ½ marks each = 5 marks)(b)TWO of the following perspectives of managing change1.contingency perspective2.system perspective3.psychological perspective(2 key points including applications and examples X 2 ½ marks each = 5 marks) X 2perspectives = 10 marks)5 marks for academic writing and referencing(25 marks)LO 11.Key term(s)define(GREEN colour)2.Key point(s)focus(YELLOW colour)3.Instructional term(s)(BLUE colour)Page1of13
EASSAY FORMATEach question is to be written in ESSAY FORMAT using your own words. i.e.,introduction, body, conclusion. Each key point should be illustrated in details todemonstrate and your understanding of the topics and questions. e.g.Page2of13
Assessment 1Task 1: Individual Essay (45%)(personalise the design of the cover page?)Commissioned by and prepared for:DB 744 Organisational ChangeDiploma in Business ManagementTerm 3, 2016Tutor: Dr Kaylie TanBy:XXXXX (I/D: XXXXX)XXX XXX 2016Page4of13
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