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Dramatic Irony | Assignment

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Dramatic Irony | Assignment_1
2Blog WritingDramatic Irony17th July 2019 What is Dramatic Irony?Dramatic irony is a device of literacy where the understanding of the readers and audienceson any event or an individual in a work goes beyond the characters. Dramatic irony can bedefined as a form of irony which is expressed through the structure of a work. It is foundwhere the readers or the audience of any situation in which the characters of the work exist insubstantially different forms other than that of the characters themselves and the actions andwords of the characters taken in a contradictory manner. In this case, the actions or the wordsof the characters engaged in work get perceived in a different meaning where the charactersof the work do not get understood properly. Dramatic irony is highly associated with thetheatre but it can also be observed across performing arts and literacy. Dramatic irony takesplace when the readers or the audiences are aware of something which the characters do notknow actually. In one of the classical myths, Oedipus the main character leaves behind hisfamily based on foretelling which said that he would marry his mother after killing his father.But in reality, he was unaware of the fact that he was not the biological child of his fosterparents because he had been adopted. Oedipus ended up taking his biological father's life andfinally married his mother without being aware of the reality. This is one of the tragicexamples explain in the concept of dramatic irony.Dramatic irony can be defined as something which is known by the audiences concerning anyparticular event or situation but the characters of a play or movie or story who are not awareof such fact. The actions and the words of the characters take some different meaning becausethey are not aware of what the audiences or readers know about reality. This thing creates
Dramatic Irony | Assignment_2
3Blog Writingintense humor or suspense. Tensions also develop between what the characters and theaudiences know is going to happen. There can be several examples of dramatic irony. We canfind dramatic irony in movies, literature, fairy tales, and television. We can even use dramaticirony in our own stories. In a movie, it can be portrayed that a woman assumes her boyfriendto be acting weirdly because he wants to propose her but the reality is known by theaudiences which say that the boy is going to run away with some other woman giving rise tosome intensifying emotions. In some horror movies, the characters may be entering into ahouse without knowing the fact that there is a murderer in the house which the audiencesalready know. This event increases suspense in the story. In some movies, it has been shownthat an individual is disguising himself or herself and the audiences do not recognize him orher. This creates some humor in the story. A dramatic irony is a special form of irony which is observed in theatrical and literary workswhere the audiences and readers know the facts or events more than the lead characters of theworks. The actions of the characters are meant for some different meanings to the readers andaudiences other than and they are supposed to mean for the characters or the actors.Sometimes, dramatic irony turns to increase tragedy. In a story or movie, it is quite commonto observe that verbal or situational irony gets confused with dramatic irony but these threeare different concepts. Dramatic irony is completely different from situational irony because,in situational irony, the audiences expect something and the reality or the event is somethingdifferent. In the case of verbal irony, the words used have some other meaning than they aremeant for. Dramatic irony takes place when the readers and audiences have more knowledgeabout the real facts or events which the characters or the actors do not have. In Literature,dramatic irony has been observed used widely. Suspense is a feeling or state of anxiousuncertainty or excitement about any event. In suspense, the use of dramatic irony is popularlyobserved because the audiences and the readers could be made excited or anxious about the
Dramatic Irony | Assignment_3

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