Community Approach to Domestic Violence


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1Family ViolenceDomestic violence can have many names like domestic abuse or intimate partner violence. The main reason is when one partner feels the need of expressing dominance over the other partner. There is a need of control in the partner. The control can be due to many reasons like jealousy, low self-esteem and the socioeconomic background. There can be also strong traditional beliefs that it is the right of the man to control women (Black et al, 2011). Others can have personality disorders. In the socio-economic background, it is possible that the childhas learned this while growing up and considers it as a normal household practice. Interactionof any situation is something the abuser learns while growing up. They might find it a way of solving household conflicts. Boys who see and learn growing up that woman are not to be valued and see domestic violence in their family are also likely to do the same when to grow up. The abuser learns violent behaviour from the family community and society; there influence teaches all this while growing up (Ramsay et al, 2009). The people who conduct theact of violence are also subjected to violence or abuse at some point in time in their life. Some may admit that they have seen their family indulged in domestic violence and some might have been abused as a child. They have all reasons to believe that violence is a justifiedact. They have connived with the idea that women are not equal to men. It is what they saw attheir home. In many societies, a male child is much more desirable than a female child. This leads the male child to believe that he is superior to a female child from childhood. They don’t respect the women. As they have seen this from childhood. They witness the way society treats a female child and the advantages they get to born as a male child. They considered domestic violence against females to be there right (Campbell). Alcohol and drugs are also major contributors towards domestic violence. Under the influence of alcohol, a person is not able to control his anger or rage. He does understand much about the situation. If he has witnessed domestic violence before then he is likely to do
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2the same at his home. The person who is into drugs does not value his own life or others life. He is also likely to cause harm not only on the domestic level bit also at a social level (Tomita, 2012).Age group also plays an important role. As per a study, teenage is most victimising in domestic violence. The age group from 13-19 years are the most venerable. Although the incidents among girls are higher than boys, they can fell prey to domestic violence due to a strained relationship between their parents (Straus et al, 1990). It can be from both the parentsand either of the parents.Socio-economic status also comes in play. Most commonly it is reported that in low socio-economic groups domestic violence is found more. The wealthier women are less subjected to domestic violence. Women who are independent, earning are less likely to be subjected to domestic violence (Barnett et al, 2005). People often indulged in domestic violence have a criminal history also. They have their records with local jails . They mostly have been imprisoned and have been in jail for some duration. They have been frequently involved in antisocial activities. People who don’t have an income or have a very low income are often depressed, angry and intolerant. They tend to vent their frustration out on their partner in form of domestic violence. Also, people who are divorced or separated indulge in domestic violence. In this case, people become lonely they might have dependents on them. Loneliness also becomes a reason for depression and frustration (Levinson, 1989). Also nowadays in the case of early marriage, the couple is not financially stable. They jump into the decision of marriage. They do not think of the future. This causes many hurdles in settling down in life. The couple might not get financially settled the way they wish to. Early marriage also causes early pregnancy so the burden on the family rises further. Hence domestic violence becomes more
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