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2Manage Operational PlanQuestion 1The operational plan requires a list of resources requirements for its proper and completeimplementation. The resources range from the human resources, financial resources, the timeresource, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Human resources are responsible for the creationand the implementation of the strategies set out in the plan[ CITATION Hus127 \l 1033 ]. Financialresources are crucial in facilitating the implementation of the operational plan. The consultationprocess is fundamental and the top management, the accounts office and human resourcedepartment are three important sections of the consultation process and provide a clear way forthe course of the operational plan implementation.Question 2In healthcare, the key performance indicators are the performance determinants that determinethe level of service delivery from the healthcare employees. In healthcare, KPIs can bedeveloped and categorized into various groups including patient safety, inpatient and theoutpatient utilization, infection control and generic utilization among others. The significance ofthe KPIs is invaluable in evaluating the organizational performance and progress. It givesinsights and determines how well the hospital is on the course of attaining its set goals[ CITATIONShe092 \l 1033 ]. The KPIs can also determine the level of output from the clinical officerstowards the patients and how the patients are satisfied with the level of service provision.Question 3A contingency plan is an important pillar that addresses the future unexpected occurrences inhealthcare. It is important for its consideration at every level of the operational planimplementation as it offers ways of dealing with the potential failures in case of healthcareprovision. When an expected event such as the loss of the hospital data occurs, it may result in
3Manage Operational Planthe loss of the crucial information such as patient billing, patient data, collection records and thecash receipts among others. The unexpected events can be detrimental to the hospital; therefore,the need of the contingency plan offers remedies in addressing such occurrences.Question 4The approval process of the operational plan requires a set of coordinated methods. It shouldinvolve the allocation of the human resources, the people responsible for the strategies and theimplementation of the plan. The next step would be allocating the finances, which pays for theservices of the service providers within the healthcare plan. Then there is setting the timeframewithin which the operational plan should implement and finally the setting of the KPIs whichdetermines the general performance targets for the operational plan[ CITATION Tur10 \l 1033 ]. Theapproval from the relevant stakeholders provides the green light for the plan.Question 5The acquisition of the resources for the implementation of the operational plan requires theproper management. The acquisition of both the human and the physical resources involves closecollaboration with other stakeholders in healthcare. The human resources can be provided withthe human resource management, which provides the staff needed in the implementation of theplan. The physical resources; which mainly comprise of the finances and the other physicalassets can be acquired in liaison with the management and the finance departments. The resourcemanagement will involve frequent auditing to determine the effective utilization and theperformance appraisals for the human resources to determine their input[ CITATION Men141 \l1033 ].Question 6
4Manage Operational PlanThere are several ways of determining the operational performance of the healthcare. Themanagement has the responsibility of assessing the operational performance to determine theprogress gained from implementing the operational plan. It is an important step and some of themost fundamental performance measures involve consistent investigation of what has been so farachieved, and what has not been achieved, checking on the suitability of the operational plan,assessing the value of the resource utilization in the performance process as well as determiningthe amount of the problems accrued in the process of utilizing the operational plan.Question 7Financial reports can offer insights on the performance of an operational plan in healthcare.These financial supportive documents involve the patient billings, cash receipts, procurementrecords; which involves the purchases of materials and equipment within the clinic, andadvertising records. In reference to the Big Apple Grocery Store, the business has not met theirsales target, with areas such as the postage, wages, and the power as well as the less stock as atJune having figures beyond the set budget. However, the store is making the profit with a 52%difference between the targeted profit and the actual profit. The primary strategy for improvingthe performance of the store is the reduction of the operational costs as much as possible.Question 8The nonperformance in healthcare is widely not acceptable by all standards. Therefore, it ismuch easier to identify the all the elements of nonperformance by assessing the generaloutcomes of the clinic's performance for instances. Nonperformance is identifiable with theconsistently poor quality of work from the clinicians, lack of respect for the organizationalvalues, noncooperation with the bosses and the co-workers among other things. Solutionsrecommendable for such complacencies involve providing an appropriate working environment
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