Managing Personnel and Human Resources Assignment

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Managing Personnel and Human Resources
1IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the statement that different jobs required different selectionprocedures to ensure that the organization get the best employees. The aim of recruitment andselection is to recruit right people at the right time for the right position. To increase theefficiency of recruitment and selection procedure following steps is required:1.Determine the vacancy and evaluate the need2.Create the job description3.Develop the recruitment plan4.Select the search committee5.Post position and implementation of recruitment plan6.Then review of applicants and make the short list7.Interview are conducted8.Select the appropriate person9.Finalize the recruitmentUnderstanding of selection & recruitment processThe recruitment is defined as the activity which is used to establish the contact between theapplicants and employers whereas the selection is defined as the process of picking the rightcandidate for the right job in order to provide competitive advantage to the company.
2Autocratic recruitment & selection modelThe model describes that there should be specific selection process on the basis of specific rolesand responsibilities in order to fill the job with the right people in order to maximize theprofitability of the company. Then the employees must be control through autocraticmanagement style in order to maximize the performance of the employees (Brown et al., 2014).Further the monetary rewards must be given in order to motivate the employees. Thecomponents of the model are explained below:Source:Collins et al., 2008Basic principles of SelectionFollowing are the basic principles which are followed by the recruiters in order to recruit rightperson for the right job at the right time within the stipulated period of time:1.Invite application
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