Stroke Education Needs of African American Women

Added on - 19 Sep 2019

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RESEARCH ARTICLE REVIEWStroke Education Needs of African American Women
1AbstractThe stroke burden is much higher for African American women as compared to the women ofvarious other ethnicities or races. It has been observed that the African American women cansurvive for a year only after the stroke of ischemic and they also have the higher disability afterthe stroke as compared to other women. The African American women are not aware exactlyabout the stroke. Further, the African American women know the connection between the strokeand hypertension, but they are not aware of the fact that irregular heartbeat and diabetes increasethe risk of stroke to a great extent. During the survey, the African American women were askedabout stroke, and around 16 percent of them answered it as burst or blocked the blood vessel.Furthermore, the research paper will help in understanding that how the research was conductedin order to find the answers to the research questions which are given in the next section.
2Research QuestionThe main motive of this research was to investigate the African American women’s perspectiveabout stroke and further investigate the information regarding their health by chasing thepractices external encounters of the Medicaid. Further, there were two research questions whichwere being addressed in this research paper. Firstly, what are the African American womenperspective about the stroke’s seriousness, causes and the consequences? Secondly, how AfricanAmerican women develop the information of health from the external encounters of Medicaid?
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