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I. Explain the Maternal Fetal Medicine environment, procedures, and clientele
A subspecialist of maternal-reproductive medicine (MFM) (Resnik et al, 2018) provides extensive
experience of the physiological, surgical, obstetric, reproductive and hereditary risks of pregnancy and
their effects on both the mother and child. MFM subspecialists assist obstetric care professionals in
delivering assessments, co-managementor treatment transition with difficult conditions before, after, and
during birth. The MFM subspecialist offers guidance for colleagues and patients and performs work on
the new solutions and therapies to obstetric conditions, while facilitating risk-appropriate care for these
complex pregnancies.
II. What are the responsibilities and identify the role of the nurse with regard to
the Maternal Fetal Medicine client?
Although most people undergo regular conception, labour and childbirth, there are those with pre-
existing health problems and those with concerns occurring during conception who require medically
qualified medical professionals to ensure the best outcome. Maternal Fetal Medicine nurses
(Sciscione et al, 2014) frequently discuss the clinical and psychosocial dimensions of childbirth, in
addition to thinking about the medical elements of labor and delivery. The high-risk area in obstetrics
is no different and can be much more daunting because the nurse serves a patient, a infant and
sometimes a father. While getting just good outcomes from traumatic births will be great, fetal and
maternal complications are a fact in high-risk obstetrics. It is really necessary for obstetrics nurses at
high risk to provide communication strategies and to understand how to give responsive,
individualized treatment to the families they serve. In a time of suffering the nurse is a critical source
of consolation and awareness.

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