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Unit Title:
Development Planning for a Career in Business
Unit Number:
Projects must be all your own work and must not have been copied partly or entirely from any other
source, such as books, the internet or from other students’ work. If you wish to use another
author’s exact words in a short quotation this must be clearly marked up in inverted commas with
the exact source given, including page number, so that your assessor can clearly see which words
have been copied and are not your own. Just quoting references used at the end is not sufficient.
Please refer to your Learner Handbook to read the centres plagiarism policy
LO1 – Know how to access career related information
Identify sources of
information related to
career path
You can find a new job through your family and friends help because they
know you, your skills and your interest towards work. Friends and family
might help you because they care about you and they can help you by
telling you new opportunities.
You find new jobs in newspapers, professional magazines and industry.
Also agency can help you to find what you wish or online websites you can
find information about new jobs and apply online.
Here is a wealth of information on different careers that can be found
throughout the examples above. You can use this resource to find out
about different job roles, skills required, working hours, etc.
This research will give you a good idea of which career path best suits you
and what potential progression is like.
You can find information about different jobs on websites for example,
When you plan your career you must continue the process that helps you
to manage your learning and development in a way that you will touch
your goals.
How to find advertised job vacancies:
You must spread your job search as quickly as possible because there are
a lot of places to look. Online you can read about the many sources of
advertised vacancies.Also, many jobs are not advertised at all and
because of that you must use networking to find out about them by word of
When we are looking for an online job we need to make sure that we check
the closing date for application. Also we must beware of recruitments sites
with different jobs that seems to be good and true or to ask for money.
The most and least important step is to be sure that the site is secure
before you to post your personal information.
Example of good networking sites would be: linkedin and spoke. This
examples are good because here you can tell them your skills and
development relationship which might help you to find unaderted
Unit Title:
Development Planning for a Career in Business
Unit Number:
Here we have 4 steps that might help us to choose a career:
Know yourself- Before looking for the career or selecting best possible
option one needs to be familiar with their interest areas along with their
likes and dislike because it can help to get the larger image by which one
can opt their career and follow their dreams effectively. So before exploring
any vacancy or job sites such as LinkedIn you need to analyse your likings
for which SWOT analyses can help. Along with that focused vision and
better clarity can assist the individual to gain desirable position.
Explore your options- With the constant advancement and emergence of
digital media has offered the enormous options to the individual where they
can establish their career. For which you need to remain attentive and
enhance your knowledge on continuous basis in order to accomplish better
position in lives. Further, gather of relevant information regarding the
career arer and proper knowledge of changes can lead an individual to
explore various options and take the guidance with their professor for
better understanding.
Make a decision- Once you find out different options and take the advices
from the knowledgeable ones then it will help you to better understand the
difference and which options suits your interest area. As decision is a
process of selecting best course of option amongst the various
alternatives. Thus, in the similar way it can help an individual to arrive at
most desirable conclusion. Hence, discussion and deep understanding can
only lead in making effective decision making.
Take action- After decision making process comes implementation
process under which an individual takes action and follow their final
decision. Thus, at this stage instead to confusion you need to stick at one
field and upgrade your knowledge as well as competencies. Moreover,
authentic job seeking sites and vacancies updated in print media can direct
the individual to take most desirable course of action.
Sources to develop career path
Career adviser: They are responsible to guide the people regarding the
choices they can make in terms of their education and selecting the
suitable career for themselves. The client of the career advisor comprises
of unemployed, youth, adult and students that gain the guidance from
advisor and gain the suitable position in their lives.
Friends and family: As friends and friends are the closest references of
an individual who remain in constant tough and can facilitate to build the
right career. Like, they are aware about the strength and capability of their
ward so based on this they can communicate with them and pass on their
right values to develop the individual and gain better position.
Networking: Networking refer to building the connection with the employer
or employees of the organisation that provide valuable opportunity in order
to developing the strong career path. This is mutual beneficial process
which one can build by exploring various sites like LinkedIn and get the
opportunity to participate in the evaluation process.
Unit Title:
Development Planning for a Career in Business
Unit Number:
Libraries: It consist of the collection of various information material in form
of books, magazine , newspaper and so on. So exploring different books
an individual can gain the interest on different subjects that help to
regenerate clarity regarding the field they find suitable enough to establish
the career.
Recruitment companies: They are responsible to hire the best potential
candidate for the vacant positions. So large pool of aspirants one after
other by clearing different rounds become the part of company. Hence,
recruitment company help the candidate to offer the desirable position by
making them a valuable part of an organisation.
Online research: Supporting career development basically encourages
the researcher to offer valuable consideration in order to maintain the
future path of career. This enable the individual to achieve the goal by
fulfilling the skills of an organisation.
Analyse the different
sources of information
available related to
career path
The prominent advantage which an individual has is that there is no end of
information which simply mean there are various sources of information
such as personal contact, books and world wide web that can assist the
individual to select best suited career path. Therefore, the relevance of
each sources is defined below:
Personal Contact: It include the involvement of family and friends who
can provide the filtered or relevant information to the seeker on the basis of
their past experiences and knowledge. This is one of the most reliable
sources that can assist and advise the person by offering viable
Internet: Internet carries immense information regarding the job which can
be effectively used by job seeker while searching for career. This also
carries the reviews of other job holder who are posted in the sector on
which the seeker has interest upon. So it is used to gain deep insights
regarding the career path.
Evaluate labour
market information
related to your career
Labour market information is the significant area that cover information
regarding the demand as well as supply. This demand means number of
vacancy or job available in the market whereas supply refer to the
information of people who are more likely to work on the specific field.
Here, an individual can organised the whole information on the basis of
time period, industry, sector and geographical area. So such information
can be generated by vision the website of company on which an individual
is keen to establish their career. Also the statistical data can help to
determine rough data so in order to establish the career and overcome
competitive pressure the job seeker need to enhance their skill and
develop their career successfully. Therefore, this include both quantitative
and qualitative data which need to be adequately analysed in order to
make the informed decision regarding career.
LO4 – Understand methods of professional development and
Unit Title:
Development Planning for a Career in Business
Unit Number:
methods of
and training
relevant to
your career
Professional development
Induction training Within induction or orientation training programme
the new aspirant are made familiar with the
organisation as well as their roles and
responsibility so that they generate the idea
regarding their work and adjust ass per the
environment. Along with that time is given to the
new employee so that they can understand the
work and gain better understanding regarding the
work. It basically include the training programme
which differ from one job to another depends on
the basis of magnitude of job.
Performance appriasal The appraisal programme is run after a fixed
duration on the basis of the existing performance of
internal employee as well as their capability to
achieve the overall objective effectively. It leads to
the salary hike, promotion, increase in invention,
appraisal and so on depending upon the growth
opportunity and achievement of target. So the
employee need to be focused in their career path
and enhance their skill by filling up the gap
On and off the job training As the name suggest within on the job training the
new employee gain all the skill and competency
within the working area. It simple means they gain
the advance skill and understand the culture by
working and gaining training within the workplace.
On other side, as per off the job training the trainee
is supposed to provide training outside the working
area which include the career path of pilot or army
Coaching and mentoring This is a crucial training programme that help to
enhance the skill of an individual in order to
perform the work effectively by gaining clear
supervision that improve the current skill required
for specific career path. Additionally, as per
coaching the mentor pay attention to specific skill
required to achieve the objective which rest for
short duration. Along with that mentoring refer to
combing the experienced and non experienced
works in order to establish the relation which is
likely for long duration. Thus, such guidances
assist the people to carry forward their career and

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