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Conference of the Architectural Science Association

Respond to questions about achieving greatness as an educator and dealing with critics.

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Added on  2022-09-13

Conference of the Architectural Science Association

Respond to questions about achieving greatness as an educator and dealing with critics.

   Added on 2022-09-13

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Answer 1:
To be an inspirational teacher or an educator is the most vital role that a person can play
in a society by building its future ‘the children'. It is really important to perform this task
efficiently and seriously as much as possible without any mediocrity. Because educator has a
massive contribution in simply making the children a better human being along with giving them
good education and implementing valuable thoughts in them. On the other hand, an inefficient
educator or teacher can give wrong direction to the children by not teaching them essential
values and not controlling them when they should be controlled. An educator shapes a child and
it very important for an educator to not be mediocre rather supremely efficient in its work in
order to build a concretely productive education system. A teacher should be someone who uses
new ideas and methods of teaching the children and knows how to make them behave properly in
the classroom. An efficient teacher can transform the children in all aspects and remains an
inspiration for many (Burgess, 2012).
Answer 2:
An educator must have the quality that are required in order to perform its task in the
classroom, although the most important factor according to my experience is that; being educated
and being a teacher are not the same thing. Anybody can be a good educated person but not
everyone can be an efficient teacher. However, to be a teacher and to teach, one has to be
educated but controlling children and providing the atmosphere for them to learn something and
delivering knowledge to them in the best way possible is not a task that everyone can perform
well. It takes a person who is good in identifying the children’s need, their capability, and is able
to use different teaching methods to support the children in their learning method, is supposedly
a good teacher, which is something that not everyone can achieve. As per my personal
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