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Islamic Modernist Assignment PDF

Added on - 17 Apr 2021

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Running Head: History1History
History2Introduction:Islamic Modernism and revival are considered as two approaches from different replies, and boththese approaches operate within the framework of Islam to Western colonial influence. In otherwords, political decline of Muslim powers in the 18thCentury. Islamic modernist faces differenttypes of criticism or rivalry. The technological, scientific, and legal achievements of the westmainly intended to overcome an apparent contribution in the development of Islamic Societies.Revivalists of Islamic objected to Western colonial exploitation of Muslim Countries and alsothe imposition of western secular values1.This essay answer the question “How do you think Kemal Ataturk would have responded to laterIslamic modernists such as Sheikh Kabir and/or Saira Khan?”. Lastly, paper is concluded withbrief conclusion.Islamic modernism:Ideas of Islamic modernist mainly encourage the re-interpretation of Islam which would fit inwith the modern world. These ideas were formulated during the last decades of the 19thcenturyon the basis of the acknowledgement that world of Muslim lost their position across the globe.Number of modernists believes that reason of this loss was lack of understanding of Muslimcountries in context ofunderstanding of science. There were number of countries which wereinfluences by the idea of Islamic modernists such as Turkey, India, Egypt, etc2.The evolution of Turkey in the early 1900s was considered as one of the biggest evolution whichresults in drastic social and cultural changes in the history of Islam. In few short years, Empire ofOttoman was collapsed and it was also considered as breakdown of Islamic history, and thisresult in development of new secular nation known as Turkey. It must be noted that, costs ofthese changes are still recognized in the Muslim World. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938)was an officer of Army, and he was the person who founded an independent Republic of Turkey.He was considered as biggest Islamic modernists. As stated by Mustafa Kemal’s, the Turks werea great nation before they accepted the Arab’s religion. When Turkey adopted the religion ofArab’s, that time religion adopted by them does not combine the Arabs, the Persians and theEgyptians with the Turks to constitute a nation.Idea of Mustafa Kemal related to Islamic history helped him in pushing his national agenda. Byusing the Turkish identity as a rallying point, Kemal influenced few officers of unite formerOttoman in the war of independence during the period of early 1920. With the help of theseofficers he expelled the forces of the Greeks, British, and French.1PMR, Islam and Modernity, <>, accessed on 26thFebruary 2018.2MOHD ELFIE NIESHAEM JUFERI, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: The Enemy of Islam (2005), <>, accessed on 26thFebruary 2018.
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