Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Added on - Mar 2020

In this document, we will discuss the following activities: marketing concepts of a non-profit organization, a peter ice cream company that has launched a new product line of their business, the interest of a company in estimating the distribution of income in the northern territory, use of mass marketing approach in Coca-Cola and worldwide demographic trends which are affecting opportunities for the international marketing.

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MARKETING & ENTREPRENUERSHIP2Activity 1. Find a non-profit organization which implements the marketing concepts. Whatis the exchange taking place? What is the profit they seek? Do they apply the marketingconcept? How can you tell?The organization that are non-profits are becoming important part of the society. They providesservices which are not provided for the profit sector. An example of a NGO which implementson the marketing concept is the charity water. This organization has had campaigns particularlyto thank their supporters who had helped them in raising of the forty two thousand milliondollars which were needed to begin on the water project for more than two million individuals inneed of it(Akaka, Vargo & Lusch, 2013). The exchange which took place was the companyproduced video as well as giving the employees with the freedom to publish the content whichwould connect on their supporters to enable them get the necessary funds for the project ofproviding water to the various households. The profit the company seek would to help thecompany to buy a new drilling rig fleet which would help to provide clean water for the fortythousand individuals each year in the Northern Ethiopia(Akaka, Vargo & Lusch, 2013).Through their marketing concepts the organization was able to raise over 1.2 million dollars andthey were able to buy the two rigs drills they intended. I think they applied the marketing conceptbecause they were able to get the funds they wanted to buy the rig drills.
MARKETING & ENTREPRENUERSHIP3Activity 2Peter Ice Cream Company has launched a new product line of their business. The ice cream hasiconic biscuits flavours that include the wagon wheels, iced Vovo, Mint Slice as well as theCaramel Crowns. This may sound simple but the challenge the company has encountered was tomake sure that the flavours were true to the biscuits. When one tasted on the products in therange, they are transported to eating one of their favorite biscuit. The launch of this new productwas in partnership with Arnotts and both they have a heritage in the Australian Aussie taste.Arnott Company has worked toward the transferring of the flavor of the biscuits. Peterorganization perfected on the frozen experience of this new product. The product has fourdelicious treats which are available to every individual who post dinner treat. This product targetthe middle age segment(Viegas, 2014). The company knows that food may evoke on a strongsense of the memory therefore they intend to brig that perspective back through the ice creammade of biscuit flavours. With this new product they want to bring back the flavours which bringback some of the classic moments along with sparkling of some friendly competition betweenthe flavours. I think the organization will be successful in that it has establish a collaborationwith another company which has enabled it to join the forces in regards to the resources and beable to launch a new ice cream line(Kiel, 2014). The company worked with Arnott’sorganization who were involved in the transfer of the flavours of the biscuits to the ice cream,while Peter’s organization they perfected on the quality frozen. This product aims is to take anindividual of the feeling of the past products which they ate while still young. It would take themto the childhood they experienced since they would take various range which at some point intheir childhood ate the biscuits(Kiel, 2014). Additionally, through the collaboration that Peterhas joined there are more resources which are involved particularly for the making of the

In brief, as a result of the dramatic changes around the globe and the aging of the baby boomer market, various industries are set to benefit which include consumer packaged goods, retail, financial service, automotive, hotel, and lodging as well as the healthcare. These industries will have to focus on the ever-greater savvy when it comes to the needs of very different types of senior consumers.

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