PHIL 2075 2019-2020 – Assignment

Grade received: 12/40. Feedback provided on sections I and II of the assignment.

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PHIL 2075 2019-2020 – Assignment

Grade received: 12/40. Feedback provided on sections I and II of the assignment.

   Added on 2022-09-05

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PHIL 2075 2019-2020 – Assignment
Date of completion:
SECTION I:Populate with your answers to Section I
A circular economy is that pattern of the economic framework that aims to
redefine the growth objectives of the country that will focus on the issues of
the wide level of the benefits enjoyed by the society. The definition of the
circular economy also covers the individual level of the docoupling the
various economic activity from the various consumption levels that ranges
from the finite resources that will result in the designing of the waste that
will come out from the economic system. The transition of the various forms
of the renewable energy resources that will be characterized by the
particular circular model that will build upon the various economic, natural
and the social capital output.
The main approach of the circular economy will be aimed at:
Design the various forms of the waste management and the pollution
reduction levels.
To keep the various products and the particular materials in the
application process.
To regenerate the various natural systems of the circular economy.
In a circular economy, the economic activities will build upon the overall
system of the health. The concept will be able to recognize the significance
of the economy that will be processed by the various levels that will often
occur in the different biological cycles, where the different the long term
resilience measures that will generate the different business aspects that
will be applicable for the various organizations and for the individuals
globally as well as on a regional basis.
The notion of the circularity in the economic domain has very deep
historical and the various philosophical connotations. It enjoyed the revival
in the various industrialized sectors that have come across widely with the
advent of the various computer based studies that will provide with the
support for the transition phase in the circular form of the economy.
The model of the circular economy has various historical connotations that
will include the various feedback mechanisms that will generate the various
living systems through the various processes to regenerate the living
systems that will provide the various resources for the various products, the
components and the materials that will be used through the various
strategies like the reuse of the wastes, the repairing and the manufacturing
The various sectors of the circular economy will synthesize the various
schools of thought. They will include the various aspects of the functional
PHIL 2075 2019-2020 – Assignment_1
service that will of the economy as a whole .The circular economy is the
particular economy that is aimed at the elimination of the waste that will
use of the resources. The circular systems will aim to improve the various
products of the various resources. This regenerative approach will be in
contrast to the various traditional form of the linear economic model
(Kirchherr,Reike & Hekkert, 2017).
The proponents of the circular economy that will suggest the various
sustainable world that will not be the single drop in the quality of the life of
the consumers that will be achieved without the rate of the loss of the
revenue or the extra costs structure for the manufacturers. The argument
refers to the circular of the specific business models that will share the
profitable structure of the specific business models that will allow the
individuals who will enjoy the similar type of the products and the particular
On an intuitive basis, the circular form of the economy that will appear the
more sustainable than the current form of the linear economic system. The
social dimension of the sustainability standards that will allow the simplistic
publications of the circular economic system. The reviewing the various
cases , they might face the difficulty level or the additional form of the
potential trade offs.
Practical Ethics Essay – use this template for your essay
TITLE OF ESSAY: Health and Well Being (Primary Focus) in the Urban
Centers (Cross Cutting Theme)
INTRODUCTION (maximum 200 words)
Record word count:
The rise of the recent modern cities have created the different types of the
potential risks and the associated challenges that result in the emerging
form of the infectious diseases. The various risk factors that have emerged
in the urban environment in the recent world have often lead to the
proliferation of the different insects and the diseases that have risen from
the rodent vector and the associated diseases. The different urban
buildings will lack the effective fuel that will have the various ventilation
mechanisms that will give rise to the respiratory tract infections that will
be acquired in the long run (Stahel,2016).
PHIL 2075 2019-2020 – Assignment_2
In today’s rising urbanization phase, the megacities are characterized by
the various heterogeneous factors that are characterized by the large
settlements of the slums which will lead to the overall health and the
welfare schemes in the community. Within the large setting of the urban
settlement, that will depend on the living of the individuals. Certain type
of the infectious disease have been characterized by the widespread rise
in the slums. In several countries the incidence of cholera has risen from
the rising level of the urbanization. The overcrowding of the housing
facilities result in the breeding ground for the various infectious diseases
such as the outbreak of the tuberculosis disease.
PART I: add subtitle (maximum 500 words)
Record word count:
Residents who are subject to the overcrowding in the urban areas. Due to
the overcrowding measures, the residents have lacked the basic facilities
of the safe drinking water facilities or the proper and the standard
measures that will become more susceptible to the various diseases that
are characterized by the soil transmission. These infectious diseases will
pose the most significant causes of the physical and the intellectual level of
the growth among the various urban residents. These infections will be
among the various important causes of the different levels of the physical
and the intellectual growth levels along with the retardation measures in
the entire world that will have a major impact on the status of the public
health of the people (Geissdoerfer et.al 2017).
The focus of the issue of the overcrowding in the recently urban areas have
contributed to the increasing levels of the vector proliferation. One
example of this outbreak of the infectious disease like the Chagas Disease
that is the type of the parasitic type of infection that is caused by the
Trypanosoma cruzi. The important mode of the transmission is in the
context of the infected bites of the various triatomine bugs.
The circular economy is often highlighted in the general terms that will be
characterized by the transition in the linear form that will offer the single
and the ubiquitous definition perspective, but there is a general consensus
on the various centralized concepts that will characterize the various
resources and the research oriented focus that will be based on the need
for the closed form of the loops that will be beyond the aims of the circular
economy. There are various kinds closed loops of the material flows and
the reduced pattern of the consumption pattern of the management
pattern of the different material resources in order to cover the basic such
as the changing methods of the various patterns of the consumption levels
(Korhonen, Honkasalo & Seppälä, 2018).
The key focus is thus on the minimizing objective that will assess the need
PHIL 2075 2019-2020 – Assignment_3

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