a). Calculation of Depreciation. Machine A =. 125000. 3

Added on - Sep 2019

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(a)Calculation of DepreciationMachine A =1250003=41667Machine X =600005=12000Machine B =1250006=20833Calculation of Cash Inflow of Project A201620172018201920202021Net Profit600006000060000500005000040000Add:Depreciation416674166741666120001200012000Cash Inflow101667101667101666620006200052000Calculation of Cash Inflow of Project B201620172018201920202021Net Profit200003000040000700008000065000Add:Depreciation208332083320833208332083420834Cash Inflow4083350833608339083310083485834Calculation of Net Present ValueProject AYearCash FlowPVF@20%Present Valueof Cash Flow-1250001-1,25,00020161016670.83384,689
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