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Essay on Communication in Workplace

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: A Comparative EssayA Comparative EssayName of Student:Name of University:Author Note:
2A Comparative EssayThe articles that will be compared in the present essay are “What do You Mean” byDeborah Tannen and “The World of Doublespeak” by William Lutz. Both these essays discussabout communication and the ways in which it can mislead or create misunderstanding.The article by Tannen talks about the categories in which discrepancies incommunication take place due to gender differences in workplace situations. According to thearticle, it has been observed that women care about feelings while conversing, where as men aremore concerned about exuding leadership (Gee and James).Women have a tendency toapologize more in order to maintain a sense of equality between the speakers; men on the otherhand do not apologize as often. Men are more forthcoming and straightforward in expressingcriticism whereas, women try to soften criticisms prior to delivering them because of the fact thatthey are sensitive towards feelings of others. Compliments to women are a way of expression forgood work whereas most men believe that not giving feedback is a sign of trust. Anotherdimension in which a major communication gap occurs between men and women is in terms ofcommunicating about their problems, women tend to complain about their problems in order tolet out some pressure, men on the other hand, complain expecting to receive help (Tannen andDeborah). Humor is another important area of discrepancy between the two genders, men likehumor involving mock-hostile attacks, razzing and teasing whereas women usually make self-depreciative jokes. However, all of these miscommunications are due to differences inperspective of genders and are innocent in nature.Lutz in his article speaks about a concept called doublespeak, which is basically a form ofcommunication aimed at misleading people. He discusses four different categories of doublespeaking namely, euphemism, jargons, bureaucratese and inflated words (Bull, Peter, and Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen). Euphemism is a commutation technique used to soften expression
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