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Running head: A CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE CLIMATE CHANGE\A CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE CLIMATE CHANGEName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1A CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE CLIMATE CHANGEIntroductionThe aim of this paper is to discuss the issue of global warming as examined byDavidson. It documents and expounds the aspects of the factors that contribute to the factorsthat propel and exacerbate climate change, an assessment of climate change on our everydaylives and the planet and finally a range of recommendations that would be helpful inmitigating climate change.Causes of climate changeClimate change is a burning issue and demands immediate attention. The temperatureof Earth is contingent on the equipoise between entering and exiting the system of Earth. Theenergy from the sun known as the incoming energy keeps the surface of the Earth warm.Earth avoids warming when the energy from the sun is reflected back into the space. TheEarth cools when the absorbed energy is liberated back into the space. Scientists have foundthat there has been a variation in the climate for a long time range (Redshaw et al., 2013).Climate change is also triggered. During the epoch of industrliazation, climate change wasattributed to mostly natural factors like volcanic eruptions, solar energy and green houseemissions. The Green House gases comprise of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) andwater vapour (H2O).The problem with greenhouse is that it makes the Earth warmer that theusual temperature of the Earth which is commonly known as the “greenhouse effect”. Thecomposition of greenhouse has severe implications on the environment. The absorption ofcarbon dioxide and its liberation is part of the natural carbon cycle through the respiration ofanimals and plants (Aldy & Pizer, 2015). Apart from this, the plethora of human activitieslike combusting the fossil fuels and the transformations in the usage of land also liberate awide amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It has been found that there has been anincrease for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Another cause that triggers the presence of
2A CRITICAL OVERVIEW OF THE CLIMATE CHANGEcarbon dioxide is the volcanic eruption. It is estimated that the multifarious activities ofhuman beings is responsible for the presence of over 30 billion tons of CO2(Anderson,Hawkins & Jones, 2016).Impact of climate change on our lives and the planetDavidson is of the view that scientists have not reached a consensus regarding thetemperature sensitivity of the soil. The drastic change in the climate can pose pernicioushealth risks to the future generation as has been envisaged by the environmentalists and moralphilosophers. One less discussed aspect of the change in climate is damage to properties.Pollution of the global atmosphere would portend to be damaging anything for the futuregenerations (Davidson & Janssens, 2006). Davidson believes that the present generation hasthe responsibility of not encroaching on the resources of the future generation. Theenvironmental factors due to global warming is the melting of ice like the glaciers,mountains, ice sheets stretching over Greenland and West Antarctica and also the ice sheetson the Arctic sea. There has been a rise in the sea level due to the melting of icebergs and icesheets. There has been a complete metamorphosis in the climatic conditions an increase inprecipitation on the global level. The rise in global temperature has been detrimental forimportant species of fauna whereas beneficial for invasive species. For example, there hasbeen a decline of Adelie penguins in the Antarctic region-their numbers have fallen from32,000 to 11,000 over the last decade (Constable et al., 2014). On the other hand, there hasbeen a proliferation in the growth of spruce bark beetles in Alaska that are known forconsuming up spruce trees. It is predicted that there will an increase in natural disasters dueto the effects of climate change. For example, floods, droughts, storms and hurricanes willbecome stronger if climate change is not mitigated. There is the prognosis that there will be aspread of malaria and the revival of the Zika virus (Global Climate Change, 2018.)Since
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