(PDF) A Faith-Based Community Partnership to Address HIV /AIDS

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REFERENCESAbara, W. and et.al., 2015. A faith-based community partnership to addressHIV/AIDS in the Southern United States: Implementation,challenges, and lessons learned.Journal of religion and health. 54(1)pp.122-133.Drahos, P. and Braithwaite, J., 2017.Information feudalism: Who owns theknowledge economy. Routledge.Nunn, A. and et.al., 2014. Geography should not be destiny: focusingHIV/AIDS implementation research and programs on microepidemicsin US neighborhoods.American Journal of Public Health.104(5).pp.775-780.Rödlach, A., 2016.Witches, Westerners, and HIV: AIDS and cultures ofThe basic facts of Human Immunodeficiency Virus is that affectsthat infects immune system. Acquired Immune DeficiencySyndrome is the most advanced level of HIV, it causes immunesystem to become vulnerable to other infections. It takes time to getremove permanently from the human body. The main aim of thesocial campaign is to make people know about the harmful effects ofthis disease. HIV/AIDS defined as the progressive destruction of theimmune system after the virus specific body cells.Platform on which this campaign going to be releasee issocial media sites through which people can easily connects witheach other and they also can make clear own threats and queryregarding to discuss on this topic.ProtectionsAvoid Sharing gloves when at risk of direct contact with blood.For HIV positive patients they need to be more protective whileconsidering giving birth by caesarean section.HIV positive women also needs to take feeding your baby with formulainstead of breastfeeding.PrecautionsSafer drug useThe safest thing to do is to not use drugs twice once they injected, this helpspeople to lower the chances of getting HIV/AIDS.During pregnancyMother should check once after having their pregnancy zone, it also helps tomake the proper examination process to identify the for-protection goals.These measures and following task will help to convey the proper changes.HIV/AIDS recognized as a most priority national cause health issue inUK. In order to reduce the effects of HIV/AIDS some health careprograms were organized among the nation. Present study assess theknowledge or awareness of HIV/AIDS in schools, colleges or in biginstitutions. In order to make people aware, there is required to adoptsome specific plans or idea. The best way to enhance the awareness ofpeople is to increase the information about of infection, transmission andprotection against HIV/AIDS. Present social online champion targeted toyoung youth who might be not well aware about the reasons ofHIV/AIDS. This online Champaign would helpful for young youth to gothrough from all required information through they get information aboutthe cure. This campaign motivates people through its tag line which is Itsonly Dangerous if you don't know it's there. The main advantage of thiscampaign is that its global reach that is helpful to make good impact onpresents youth.According to the Terrence Higgins Trust suggested that there are over50,000 people living with HIV in the UK, from some of them are doesn'tknow about the HIV statutes. To promote the best awareness of HIV/AIDS,Social media marketing plays a most crucial role in these segments throughmany targeted group has been attracted accordingly. This would help to getthe best possible action that helps to control the overall process goals. Ithelps to make me better environment goals and best leading sources.This also helps to control the better transforming results, this alsohelps to make the better transforming results and goals. Raising awarenessand make all aware about new generating task. This makes the new sourcesand long-term sources in proper manner.This also helps to make the best possible action plan to make theproper arrangement goals. In UK those of black African ethnicity carry adisproportionate burden of HIV. This report helps to generate the moreinformation about the HIV/AIDS. In order to prevent these disease peopleneeds to adopt some precaution ideas.INTRODUCTIONOn world AIDS Day December 1, it is the biggest health crises theworld has ever faced. From the basis of statistics last year more thanthree million people died with Aids and a further five million peoplewere infected with HIV. It is the fasted growing disease in UK.Present report will be based on Raising awareness of HIV. It will berepresenting the whole marketing concept has immediate for HIVAIDS by focusing on the people who suffering from these causes.Raising awareness of HIV
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