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COMP1561: Network Security PDF

Added on - 21 Jan 2022

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A laboratory and research-based
exploration of network Security concepts
K H P M Kariyawasam
COMP1561: Network Security
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University of Greenwich
This is a report ofa laboratory and research-
based exploration of network Security concepts.
summarized as follows.Lab number 2 explains
how to restrict incoming and outgoing traffic on
the network through the access list. Also, lab
backdoor server and how to install a key logger
on a victim computer. How to get user name and
password through SQL injection is described in
assessment of the way to identify the network’s
different ways in which the domain obtains DNS
information. Lab number 7 discusses methods
for filtering data from the Google search engine
by running the Google script. The important
laboratory, lab number 8 explains how to works
with many hacking tools and do exercises from
them. The last lab of lab number 9 explains how
exercises like DDOS attack under ping of death
are performed at this lab.
Managing security manner know-how the risks
community is a 100% secure, so don’t goal for
that stage of protection. If you attempt to live
up-to-date on every new threat and every virus,
you’ll quickly be a quivering ball of anxiety and
stress. Look for the predominant vulnerabilities
that you may address together with your present
resources. Many companiesare storing their data
security applications and used 7 layers filtering
firewalls to protect their network. But this is not
establishing policies, can provide a very high
level of security to the network. So working
with this laboratory, can get a good knowledge
weaknesses and how to fill in these deficiencies.
LAB 2-Configuring Named Access
Lab 2 key
connectivity whether they are necessary or not.
The access list can be used to control network
connection receive to inside and send to outside
address. Otherwise, this will help to reduce the
network congestion blocking unnecessarydata
GAD(config)# line vty 0 15
GAD(config-line)# password cisco
GAD(config-line)# login
GAD(config-line)# exit
GAD(config)# enable secret class
This scenario line configuration has been done
as “line vty 0 15”, which means it will allow
connecting with the router by up to 16 lines
(away from hosts). After that typing “enable
secret” that will help to ask and encrypt the
“class” password to when router login. All the
previous configuration completed.
Configure gigabit Ethernet on the router,
GAD(config)# interface g 0/0
GAD(config-if)# no shutdown
Previously mentioned router Gigabit Ethernet
interface IP address, act as default gateway of
this network. By default, router interface was
command will up it.
IP configuration of two hosts
router by pinging
Configuring Access Control List
Assign ACL to router port
The access list created earlier need to be applied
into router specific interface. Therefore should
have configured by “IP access-group acl2 in”
command. In this status, we are going to apply
ACL to router gigabit 0/0 port, acl2 is access list
name we created earlier and “in” means it will
be applied to the inbound connection.
Ping the router from each of the hosts
Were these pings were successful?
No, those pings were not successful and it said
the destination host unreachable. As bellowed
Why or why not?
Because we applied ACL on the router Gigabit
interface, and worked as a default rule. It is
denied from any host to any host from it is
ignored by any type of packets which coming
through from router.
Can you ping from the router to PCs?
Cannot ping, the reason is we just put the ACL
incoming connection.
Lab 2 research
Akin, T., 2002.Hardening Cisco Routers.5th ed. Gravenstein Highway North, Sebostopol: O'Reilly
Sandhu, R. S. & Samarati, P., 1994. Access Control: Principle and Practice.IEEE Comunications
Magazine,September, 32(9), pp. 40-48.
Sedayao, J., 2001.Cisco IOS Access Lists.5th ed. United States of America: O'Reilly & Associates.
Lab 2 reflection
This lab contained a lot of things about the
improved basic part of the access control list.
This is very helpful to do named access list and
the numbered access list. Also very useful for
the enterprise network to control their user’s
inbound and outbound connection what should
be allowedor not. ACL is reducing the network
traffic and provide a stable and secure network.
going to lager type of enterprise network. Then
it causes a lot of trouble about configuring ACL
by applying that type of scenario. There should
be some improvement in this lab.
LAB 3-Back Door Servers
Lab 3 key findings
Back door servers are used by the hacker to
control the victim computers by remotely for
one ormany devices.This case hacker will
connect to back door server and they control
devices by door server. This is a sort of remote
administration tool. Back door server use an
algorithm to connect the victim’s computer to
hack their password and security method. These
are created by software engineers or developers.
Back door server’s lab, we used back orifice
should be two, because I have installed VMware
on my pc, and there I have installed two virtual
machine name victim and attacker.
Configuring IP setting in Virtual PC
Back orifice server setup in Victim’s PC
need to run again orifice server and server far
away have to run client pc
As photo displayed firstly want to click on the
open server button, then it will run all regard
plugging for the server, but besides enc null
After running by BO2K Exe backdoor server
remote device running on victim’s computer.
Back orifice set on victim’s pc
In victim’s pc go and run BO2K.exe client and
run all files. After in configuration apply server
IP settings turns into settings dialog.
After doing some configuration, client pc will
connect with back orifice server through TCP
Process Kill
Attacker attempt to kill the process of running
on client pc it can be done simply. First, need to
run any process on a client computer, and go to
it and open notepad two or three. Then go to the
backdoor server and see the process list running
processes for notepad and selects Kill Process.
After done that all notepad are run in victim’s pc
will be terminated.
Keystroke Logging
Hacker can easily view what is the victim’s
typing on his by using the backdoor server. First,
need to create notepad on victim’s pc. After
keystroke and give the path the log file are
backdoor client give “send” for the keystroke.
After backdoor server caneasily find in given
path log files want to save, about what user type
on his computer. This is a way to see even
username and password.
Lab 3 research
Bidgoli, H., 2006. HANDBOOK OF INFORMATION SECURITY.Threats, Vulnerabilities, Prevention,
Detection, and Management,Volume 3.
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