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Proposal to study entrepreneurial steps a businessperson takes to be successful PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2021

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SUBJECT: A proposal to study entrepreneurial steps a businessperson takes to be
Good evening professor, I am writing this email to bring to your attention and request for your
approval of the research proposal I am writing about the steps that one ought to embrace in order
to become a successful businessperson or an entrepreneur.
Most people across the globe dream of venturing in the business world and becoming one of the
best and successful entrepreneurs. Succeeding in the business as an entrepreneur requires one to
be a hard worker, goal oriented and above all discipline in terms of resources (Read, Sarasvathy,
Dew & Wiltbank, 2016). Most of those businesspeople or entrepreneurs who are successful
followed a certain pertain or steps for them to be where they are today. This is evident from the
several books these successful entrepreneurs publish which from analysis have common success
steps and points (Jones, 2015). The research topic is relevant to all individuals who wish or even
admire to join the business world because it contains essential steps to help the business people
to succeed in their business and avoid and minimize the cases of loss resulting to the failure of
the business. The topic helps the new entrepreneurs to be optimistic that their business will be a
success when they decide to venture into business (Schaper, 2016, p. 37)
The specific research question that my research will be answering is "what are the specific steps
that one need to take to become a successful entrepreneur?" Harrison in his work on
‘Fundamentals of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur' tries to define who is an entrepreneur,
the environment that favors a businessperson and what it takes for one to be a successful
entrepreneur (Harrison, 2016). This is relevant to my research and it will try to answer my
research question on the specific steps that takes an entrepreneur to be successful in the business
world. The kind of research assignment I am planning to write is a process analysis type of
assignment. This is because the research entails the step by or even process that one needs to
embrace in order become a successful businessperson (Ward, 2016).
In my research work, I will divide the assignment into chapters and allocate each chapter enough
time so as to provide a true findings within a specific time. Due to limited time because of the
class work, I will do my chapter one, two and three of my research within a period of three
weeks. Thereafter, I will tackle chapter four within a period of three weeks and chapter five and
six will be done in a period of six days. After my research findings, I will share the work with
my fellow students. Later, I will share the research findings with professionals in the business
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