A Qualitative Study of Healthcare Providers’ Perceptions and Experiences of Working

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A qualitative study of healthcare providers’perceptions and experiences of workingtogether to care for children with medicalcomplexity (CMC)Page1of8
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PART ACritical Evaluation/ Appraisal of Qualitative ResearchHelping to Make Sense of Qualitative DataONEQUALITATIVERESEARCH ARTICLEColumn 1Description of the researchColumn 2Your assessment ofstrengths and weaknessesof each research component youare summarising in column 1(using academic references).AuthorDate and Source (usingHarvard referencing system)Lisa Altman, YvonneZurynski, Christie Breen,Tim Hoffmann,and SusanWoolfenden, 2018Breen, C., Altman, L., Ging, J.,Deverell, M., Woolfenden, S.and Zurynski, Y., 2018.Significant reductions in tertiaryhospital encounters and lesstravel for families afterimplementation of PaediatricCare Coordination inAustralia.BMC health servicesresearch,18(1), p.751.Aims/Objectives of theresearchThe main aim and theobjectives of the followingstudy are to understand theknowledge gap between thepeople of Australiaespecially in the primarysecondary and the tertiaryhealth care system.Therefore, based on theexperience and theperception of the healthcaresystem and based on thoseperception and theexperience of the health carein the following study theCMC from the age of 0 to 18are being addressed.One of the limitations of thefollowing study is that the audiowhich is recorded for thestakeholders are being recordedand they are transcribed. Whileon the other hand the audiowhich is recorded of the peoplewho are to be interviewed theyare recorded as the field workand they are not transcribed.Other than that there aredifferent nuances which havecome to light of the differentaudio recordings which wereavailable for the group and thepeople who are interviewedindividually (Breenet al.2018).Any theoretical points? Anyparticular theory, model, theframework is beingused/mentioned?For example, are the authorsusing positivist theories?Phenomenological theories?For the following study, theframework which is used isbased on the internationalclassification of thefunctions, disability, and thehealth has been proposed toThe strengths of using thefollowing are that since they arefrom the internationalclassification, therefore, they areeffective and better trustworthy.While on the other hand thePage3of8
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