A Strategic Management Assignment (Solved)

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Strategic Management
TABLE OF CONTENTPERSONAL STATEMENT...........................................................................................................1
PERSONAL STATEMENTI have been good at management, decision making and problem solving sills whichmakes me a suitable candidate for corporate culture as well as for entrepreneur acumen. Thestudy of strategic management will help me to keep a balance between human resources andmaterialistic resources within an organisation. It will teach me to effectively manage theresources and to take better judgements in making decisions in my professional field. I have beenworking from long with the organisation and communities and thus I always found it attractiveand interesting to identify the resources and to develop strategies in a way such that it canenhance the productivity of the workplace.Since strategic management principles have potential to groom these requirements I havekeen interest in learning this course. I have completed postgraduate diploma in strategicmanagement and leadership. Thus completion of this course will enhance my knowledge andcapabilities related to subject. There are several skills which I have learned through myexperience and knowledge such as problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills,multitasking ability, time management and ability to perform well in fast paced work culture.Strategic management course will be helpful for me so that I can utilise my existing capabilitiesand skills to reach new heights of professional experience by seeking appropriate job role.While working in the field of customers services I came to know the significance andmethods of managing resources through proper strategies so that individual needs can beaddressed. Even in the stressful and workload culture I used to manage my goals effectively.This experience make will be helpful for me to easily understand the perspective and aim ofvarious strategic management concepts related to the course. The active participation in theongoing strategic management process is significant in developing better understanding of thecourse. While working in the training and recruitment processes I came to know the significanceof strategic management in different functions of the organisation. It will help me to easilyassociate the aim and real world application of the strategic management approaches.I have 9 year experience of embracing my professional skills in team leading, customerservice experience, recruitment and administration. Thus strategic management course canprovide me an opportunity to harness these skills into a well defined and suitable role of manger,leader or entrepreneur. In my opinion I have experienced vast range of concepts related tobusiness such as customer relation, team work, training and recruitment process. However the1
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