A Thematic Analysis Of Friendship

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A Thematic Analysis Of FriendshipAbstractThe entire study will revolve around the qualitative techniques and the researchdesign by the psychologists. The research topic is entirely based on the subjectmatter of friendship and the data obtained for this research is by using the primarymethods. The main topic was more highlighted by conducting an interview with aperson named Trevor who was once an instructor of a fitness center and met a lot ofpeople of different mentality during that time. Trevor very well discussed and gavehis valuable views on friendship. On the other hand, it was also noticed that he wasthrown out of his duty when he became sick and at that point of time he made a lot offriends where some were genuine others were not. The specific method used for thisstudy is qualitative in nature and known as the thematic analysis. It has been alsofound out from this study that there are different kinds of friends. The vital conclusionthat can be drawn from this research is friendship has different faces and all of thefriends are not same. Some friends are like family while others are not.The analysis found in friendship there are different types of friends. The main themewhich was eminent in the entire interview was the theme of emotions within whichthere lied several sub-themes like happiness within friendship, upsetting friendshipsand controlling of emotions within friendships. The main conclusion drawn thisresearch study friendship has different facets and not all friends are the same.Research questionIt has been already mentioned that obtaining qualitative data is quite time-consumingand also it needs to be ethically approved so the data is already provided by thecollege. It has been also observed that there are overall 5 interviews in total but onlyone form needs to be analyzed. For this study, the Trevor form of interview is takeninto account. However, the data that is collected for this study is completely basedon the Interpretative Phenomenological analysis (IPA). The interview questions aremainly for encouraging the ongoing participants to reflect and discuss the meaningand experience of friendship. The nature of friendship is identified as thematicanalysis of friendship.
The research questions for this particular case study are as follows: Why isfriendship important for Trevor? And is he happy to talk about friendship? Whatfriendship in general means to everyone? What does it mean to be friends withsomeone who is just opposite or likeminded? State some of the real-life experiencesthat highlight the complete meaning of friendship? How the interviewees met theirfriends? What is the nature of friendship in general? Does physical distance affect atrue friendship? Does quarreling necessary in friendship?Data collection methodIn this particular study, the data that has been analyzed was collected completely byinterviewing one individual among the other three. The name of the interviewee wasTrevor. The study is completely between the two individuals namely the interviewerand the interviewee. However, the interviewee Trevor was an instructor in a fitnesscenter for the council. It has been observed that in the fitness center Trevor met andhad a conversation with a lot of people. At present, it has been also noticed thatTrevor is not at all working as an instructor because he is lacking the abilities of aninstructor presently. Trevor is not very old but somehow he will be reaching to the oldage soon and semi-structured interview method is used for this study for obtainingthe necessary data. It can be said that this specific method was chosen over theother methods because it is quite interactive in nature for getting a lot of informationin a correct manner. On the other hand, in this particular research methodclarification can be made at any point of time with regards to any type of information.Furthermore, an interviewer has all the rights revolving around getting additionalinformation with regards to the areas of interest. The interviewee was fit for thisspecific interview because he has traveled to a lot of places and also his age wasquite appropriate for the interview (Crowley, 2010). Before starting this intervieweeTrevor was briefed about the interview by the interviewer. It was made sure that hefeels quite free so that the information that can be obtained from him remainsunbiased in nature. Moreover, it has been also observed greatly that Trevor waschosen for this interview because he has also gained a considerable amount ofexperience in terms of people he met and had friends as friendship was the mainsubject matter for this interview. This particular report uses the analysis that isthematic in nature where the qualitative data is judged completely. On the otherhand, the thematic analysis is one of the strongest methods that are used for a large
variety of research works. There are also some of the important examples thatsuggest that it has been greatly used in the research synthesis. The term thematicsynthesis is accepted as a method that is translated for analyzing the primaryresearch that is primarily regarded as thematic for using in the thematic examination(Willig, 2008).Method of analysisThe interviewee made it clear to the interviewer that friendship generally has manyfaces and individual experiences a lot during the friendship. It has been also closelyobserved and witnessed that there are a lot of emotions that are closely attachedwith a friendship that can be both bad as well as good emotions. It can be also saidthat emotions play a vital role in the subject matter of friendship. Furthermore, in afriendship that matters the most is the relationship that is maintained with oneanother. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be very well statedthat all of the friendships are not same in nature and each and every friendship goesthrough a tough phase where their friendship is itself tested. There are some of thepeople with whom an individual feels good in the friendship while there are otherpeople with whom friendship generally is a bitter experience. In both of the cases, anindividual tends to learn something (Smith, Flowers and Larkin, 2009). It has beenclosely witnessed in the interview that the interviewee namely Trevor acknowledgesthat there are a large variety of friendships, for instance, some friends are more likea family while some individuals are only meant for going to clubs, and parties. Thereis a huge difference between the two of the people that are mentioned in the abovestatement. Then there are also some of the friends or the so call friends he statedwhere the individual will not be free enough to do some of the stuff. Furthermore,Trevor also elaborated that to some people an individual will be more open tosharing their life while with the other people the individual will give partial details withregards to what exactly is going on in their life. Arguably, an individual also creates alot of time for the people who they as their real friends and they tend to spend hardlyany time with the people who are not their real friends.
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