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Doors and Windows Company | Assignment

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A1 Doors and Windows Section BB Assignment #2 Due: Friday Mar 22nd. A1 Doors and Windows is a small company located in the GTA. The company employs 60 employees in its one location. Much of their product is sold to small companies who then sell and install their products to the retail home market. A small part of their business is to independent contractors for new home builds. A1 does not do any installation of the product or selling to the final consumer. All product is made to order. The company competes based on reasonable prices, competitive delivery times and aims to ship all orders with two weeks. David McLellan is the new VP of Operations and he has been very concerned about the increasing problem with rejected products found during the manufacturing operation. David feels strongly that there is too much product rejected. "Rejects have been a large problem here", said McLellan in the weekly management meeting. He feels strongly thatdata must be collected and analyzed in order to begin fixing the problems. As a new employee at A1, and a graduate of Seneca College, you have been asked to help review and analyze the quality data for A1. Although you will not make technical recommendations, you should be able to help them figure out what the problems are and to point them in the right direction. Your Task: You have been asked to look at the quality data for the entire facility for the month of January. You have also been asked to tour the facility, talk to employees, and gather information to make recommendations. Process Overview: There are three assembly areas where employees and machines assemble production runs of various orders of windows and doors. There is always one inspector in each areawho performs 100% inspection, and another employee who packages the product and loads them onto skids for delivery to customer’s facility. Each order may contain as few as six items, or for a larger customer, up to 60 items. It is important that each order is shipped complete or a separate truck may have to be dispatched with the missing item(s). Currently, products that are found faulty by the inspector are to be sent to a special team of 2 employees, in the repair department. These employees are responsible to evaluate, repair and document their work. Some product cannot be repaired and is designated as “scrap” and sent to the garbage. The remainder is repaired. Often productneeds to be repaired right away so the entire order is not delayed. 1
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There is a constant supply of products waiting to be evaluated by the repair team. Scheduling the work in this department and the number of “rush” jobs is problematic. After being repaired, products are returned to the final inspection area at the end of the assembly area that it came from. The inspector must look at the repaired product tomake sure that the defect is properly repaired. Components to assemble the windows and doors are received in large quantities from Canadian and American suppliers. These supplies include aluminum, glass, trim, and a variety of other components such as latches, handles, screen etc. After inspection and storage, quantities for one day's production are sent directly to the different production areas, every night for the next day's production. Goods that do not pass receiving inspection are held, and sent back to suppliers. There is a backlog of goods waiting to bereturned to suppliers. Frequently, a product is returned from the customer due to an error in the dimension ofa product or a poor fit. This becomes a priority to replace, as it can hold up an entire installation. Your Actions: Your discussions with supervisors in the facility did not yield any definite clues as to the reasons for all the defects. There seemed to be many different types of rejects piled in various locations throughout the facility. The employees assembling the product seem to be experienced, but do complain about being rushed to complete the orders so that trucks can depart with full orders. Your next stop was at the Quality Control Department, where you obtained the records for the Assembly Department rejects, for the last month.Assignment:Compile a report using WORD that includes the following1. Cover page and Table of Contents, page numbers, professional appearance (2 marks)2. Executive Summary. You should write this part after you have covered all the issues ofthis assignment, but it should appear at the beginning of your report. In ONE PARAGRAPH, summarize, using numbers what are the main sources of errors. Where does A1 need to concentrate their Quality efforts? (2 marks)3. How will you go about getting the information you need in order to complete the requested report? Who will you speak to and what questions will you ask? (max 2 paragraphs) ( 2 marks) 2
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