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ABC Supermarket plays an important role in the supermarket of UK sector. Competition alwaysexists in the business. It is the responsibility of the management of supermarket to developefficient plan to save itself from the existing competition. Management of the ABC supermarketperforming its role in an efficient manner which makes them face the existing competition easily.ABC supermarket should conduct an external analysis which is missing. With the help ofexternal analysis, it is able to measure the potential threats existing in the environment. Thisenables the organization to make planning in advance so that it can easily tackle with the threatfactors.Market share is the percentage which an organization holds in the total market for its productsand services. ABC supermarket can improve its business performance by focusing on innovation,smart recruitment practices, and strengthening customer relationships (Lampe, 2016). If theorganization focus more on innovation, it can differentiate its products with the products of aforeign rival. Innovation enhances the quality of the existing product with which one can easilyestablish itself in the market and can survive for a long time. If innovation is there in the productof ABC supermarket, it can create its brand image in the mind of existing customers, and theybecome brand loyal. In the same way, customers are the base of any business. If they are notsatisfied, one cannot survive for a long time. So, the first priority for the organization should beits customers. ABC supermarket should take various initiatives to build a long-term relationshipwith its customers this will enhance the popularity of the organization. If customers are happy, itcan earn huge profit and able to expand itself in the growing markets.Profit level can be enhanced through cutting down the manufacturing cost. It can be cut thoughminimize the wastage of products. This helps the ABC supermarket in utilizing the availableproduct in an efficient manner. This is ultimately cut down the cost of products through which it

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