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Assignment on Abortion PDF

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Added on  2021-10-28

Assignment on Abortion PDF

   Added on 2021-10-28

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Abortion is termed as the termination of the foetus that has no power to live (Dworkin,
2011). The whole process of abortion may be viewed in different dimension by different people.
In my argument abortion should remain legalised to make a woman free from physical and
health problems. Women should have equal right to abortion just like any other right. The plans
that every human being has are crucial and very important. Woman should feel free to get rid of
the foetus at any given time she wants. It is unethical to restrict the woman from her rights.
According to World Health Organization (2015) abortion which is legalised and done
under medical control is safer than illegal abortion that is done secretly by unqualified medial
doctors. The first person who makes decision on whether to undergo abortion is the woman.
There is a great risk that sometimes occurs during the process. Some abortion is not dangerous
especially when allowed and done medical doctors. The whole matter cannot be stated as safe at
all. There is evidence of women who has died while undergoing this process of abortion (Bryant,
Grimes, Garrett & Stuart, 2011).
The act of abortion should be plainly left to the woman to decide whether it is bad or not.
Few people criticize abortion and say it is a best practice and therefore the only person that
remains with the decision is sorely the woman. It should be therefore good to legalise abortion in
our societies. Believers don’t conquer with the practice since they see it sinful when done by
human kind. There is a great controversy on whether to legalise abortion or not.
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Thesis: decrees barring abortion prevent liberty of select and risk physical and mental health of
the woman
Premise 1
The first premise argues that even if the foetus is a person, abortion remains morally
permitted. According to Bridges (2011) the right of a foetus don’t supersede the right of the
mother to control her body and its life support function. Foetus in my view is not a human being,
just like any other cell in the body or any body part so is the foetus. If a person can undergo
surgery and any part removed, the same way a foetus can be removed .A foetus is just but a cell.
Cells die and degenerate again, since foetus is a mass of cells therefore it’s not a human being.
A person is a being with certain capacities for example reasoning, morality and self-
awareness, and is culturally made of social relationship and has a legal obligation. A person is
somebody who physically or mentally can control an activity on his own without being reminded
on what to do .Based on Pruss (2011) he argues that if abortion is wrong then amputating
somebody hand due to accident or any other factor is totally wrong removed .At a certain
developmental stage there is a view of some organs developed which resemble that of the human
being. If then we terminate the foetus we don’t terminate life at all. To add on this there is no
difference between taking a contraceptive and abortion; it means that both practices are same.
But if we claim use of contraceptive is legal, and then abortion should be allowed, they go hand
in hand with it without objection.
Women have the final say without question, they have authority over their own bodies.
Trying to tell a woman to carry pregnancy for nine months is inhuman and unethical too (Pruss,
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