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Causes and Remedies for Absenteeism in Organizations

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the causes of absenteeism and remedies to reduce it. It also includes data collection and storage methods, legal requirements, and types of data collected for HR practices and management team when restructuring.
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Absenteeism and labour turnover are two main problems in organizations As labour are from rural areas, continuity of their relations with rural area and due to certain other reasons the rate of absenteeism is much higher among them.Generally absenteeism means to remain absent without informing (prior permission) . Also defined as not to attend one’s work improperly or in unauthorized manner. This absenteeism is voluntary also. Specific reason for the absenteeism is not being mentioned by the labourer. General leaves are not included in absenteeism. Absenteeism is such a situation that which can be controlled or prevented.Rate of Absenteeism The rate of absenteeism can be known by dividing human hour loss by total human working hours. Thus it is essential to know two main factors for determining the rate of absenteeism. To know human loss hours it is essentialto know about number of absent workers, shifts and working hours. The another factor is total working hours and total shifts during which work is beingdone. Main causes of absenteeism are the following:Attachment with native: most of the indian industrial workers come from rural areas. They have great feelings and attachment to their native, so they frequently visit thereto meet their relatives and friends. Excess workload: people coming from rural area who work as industrial workers have to work in congested and unnatural atmosphere. They cannot adjust themselves in such condition continuously till a very long time. They have to work at a specific place, in this work they do not have any interest. So they feel their duty as very hard and burdensome. Poor health and sickness: Sickness occurs due to no nutritive food in the city, so labour become easily victim ofdiseases like malaria, typhoid, diarrhea and stomach disease , absenteeism in india due to illness is 4% . Problems of residence: workers cannot accommodate their family in city due to high rent in city, so they have to visit native frequently and cannot work regularly.Bad habits and addicts: lonely workers become victim of gambling and drinking and drugs etc Accidents and mishaps: workers are scared about accidents and mishap due to the use of modern machines in factories
Debt: Due to poverty indian workers become debtor and can not return this debt on time and feel that creditors will come to their native and so they do not attend the workMisbehavior of employer or supervisor: this happens more often. Fatigue and boredom: not familiar with working at long duty hoursMental imbalance: mental imbalance may be by birth, such person cannot maintain their performance in duty and family. Duty and nightshift: most of the workers are not habituated with night shift duty Remedies to reduce labour Absenteeism: Rate of absenteeism can be reduced by labour welfare measures. They can be made hale and happy by providing them facilities like sports and games , picnic, entertainment etc. thus they will not feel fatigue or boredom and heavy work also. They should be provided residential facility. if he could keep his family with him , thenhis frequent native visit would be curtained. Working environment must be improved. Labours should be given adequate wages which will increase their income as well as willingness to work. Sufficient leave must be granted. So they can take adequate rest. Adequate steps should be taken to provide them protection against accidents and illness. Steps should be taken to protect them from misbehavior by employer , supervisor and officers. We are taking the example of BPO industry: Here ACCESS HEALTH CARE , a US based health care BPO company has most of its employees in India. It faces employee absenteeism remarkably. It is seen in youngsters who are normally impatient for a better hike within short period, so they frequently quit a company if they get a little more salary in other company. Gross labour attrition is very high in BPO industry. Attrition rate for ACCESS HEALTH CARE is around 37%. The attrition is 48% in call centers and 26-28% in non call centers. Leadership attrition is 2%. The average age in BPO sector is 25.
Youngsters are impatient and have in their mind that they can jump around companies and get high salaries. One in every ten is absent at any point of time in this company. Access Health care has around 6000 people in Chennai, Coimbatore, Pune and Manila doing work for nearly 30 customers in the US. It recruit 400 employees every month due to attritionACTIVITY 2Restructuring is nothing but change management . it is all about what is working , what is not working and what needs improvement for better result. Employees may be removed from the system if not found suitable for the organisation. 2.1Different ways access healthcare collects and records data,The following are the sources of primary data :Direct Observation Technique: obtrusive that everyone knows that they are being observed and unobtrusive means people are unaware that they are being observed for getting information about their behavior, reactions , physical settings etc...Questionnaire : questionnaires as customary may be applied by personal interviewing . questions are correctly phrased and administered . it may be advisableto divide questionnaire into specific sections to be answered by, for example financial , technical or commercial executives. This calls for considerable skill in identifying and encouraging these various respondents to participate in a survey. It also tends to increase significantly costs and the time involved in collection of data. Personal Interviewing : It should be viewed as a task demanding special skills , these may include considerable technical background so that interviewers who may conduct an open style approach are able to win the confidence of industrial and technical informants. Secondary data refer to existing information which is useful for a specific survey. Thetype of data may be available internally and externally. Company check their internal routine records . external secondary data are available from government reports , official statistics etc... Two reasons why it is necessary:

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