The Major Reasons Behind the Demand to Transform

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AbstractApart from the advancing technology, the ever-increasing fuel price is one of the major reasons behind the demand to transform tractor-trailer trucks to more aerodynamically efficient. While tractor-trailer trucks are being retailed with normal aerodynamic packages there is stiff sufficient room for improvements towards a more aerodynamic package through the incorporation of aerodynamic add-on devices for the truck. It is imperative to point out that tractor-trailers exhibit an elevated drag coefficient as compared to other vehicles as a result of their bluff-body shape. There are several add-ons that have been introduced in the past few decades to address the high drag coefficient associated with tractor-trailers. The current research seeks to investigate the use of aerodynamic calculations to determine the most efficient way to reduce the aerodynamic drag coefficient associated with the tractor-trailer.ApplicationOne way to reduce fuel consumptions in an automobile is through aerodynamic drag reduction. As compared to other vehicles, track-trailers exhibit a higher drag coefficient. This elevated drag coefficient is as a result of their bluff-body shape. It is crucial to point out that tractor-trailer and trucks consume a considerable amount of fuel as a result of their elevated drag coefficient (Lanser, Ross & Kaufman, 1991). Consequently, there is sufficient room for improving fuel consumption through reduction of the vehicle’s aerodynamic drag coefficient.Aerodynamic computations can be used to investigate the most efficient design strategy with a lot of emphasis on the aerodynamic drag reduction. Computational Fluid Dynamics can be utilized in form of Detached-Eddy simulation (DES) and Reynolds-

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