Breast cancer prevalence and survival in Slovenia: a public health perspective


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ABSTRACTBreast cancer is the most common cancer in women in Slovenia, with increasing incidenceand presence differences in survival. Individual and systemic factors are used to explain itsburden. Latter are from the public health perspective relevant. Populational survival is acomplex indicator, reflecting patients characteristics as well as the health care systemorganization, accessibility, quality and effectiveness. Despite efforts of the proffesion, there isno consensus on different survival methods use.The purpose of research is to reveal factors explaining breast cancer survival inSlovenia. Its goal is to assess female breast cancer burden in the last twenty years in Sloveniaand recognize systemic factors as survival predictive; it also aims to compare relative and netsurvival estimator. Routinely collected, population-based data from Cancer registry ofSlovenia data will be used. I predict to observe the fastes increase of new cases in theyoungest age-group and to find hospital-related differences in survival among breast cancerpatients. In my opinion this study represents a unique opportunity to objectively estimatebreast cancer burden in Slovenia. Moreover, it is the first study to explain cancer burdenthrough healthcare system related factors Slovenia.Keywords: breast cancer burden, survival, predictive factors, Slovenia.PURPOSE, OBJECTIVES AND HYPOTHESES The purpose of the research is to reveal and evaluate factors that have an impact on the Slovenian breast cancer survival. Therefor, following objectives are set: (1) to assess the burden of breast cancer in the last 20 years in Slovenia; (2) to determine whether survival, in addition to the already well-known individual factors (eg. age, stage), is affected by existing health care system factors.As there is still no clear consensus on the most appropriate statistical approach when calculating the population survival, the complementary objective of the research is also to quantify the difference between different survival estimators. Based on these objectives, the following hypotheses are set:

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