Combining SDN and IBN for Cost Effective Network


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ABSTRACT SDN (Software defined network) and IBN (Intent based network) both will help to design the network that will automatically monitor the network as well as administrated task. Combining both software defined network and intent based network on virtualization and cloud computing will provide a cost effective network, high performance, managing the network assets and high security on network. INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE ORGANIZATIONOrganization currently has nearly 2000 desktop computer with Microsoft windows operatingsystem and wants to change them into Dell Optiplex series with Intel Core i5 processor onwindows 10 operating system, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 256GB of ROM. Each users on theorganization can access on their company network by using VPN software so they can accessusing their phones and iPads. Rough estimate for their entire work will be as follows.S.NoItems Cost1PC each $1250.00 2000*1250 $2500000.002License $150.00(Office) 2000*150$300000.003Database with server (10) $2159.00 10*2159.00$21580.004Server (20) $ 3000.00 20*3000 $60000.005Network device total cost $3000000.00$750000.00 (Yearly)6Security hardware and software$2000000.00 (Yearly) Total cost $5631580.00INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKSoftware defined networking is a method for developing network architecture that will allow thenetwork to control centrally by using programmed software application. This helps to manageand operates the network effectively. This provides effective network architecture by providingautomated, on-demand application transfer and flexibility at scale.Application LayerBusiness ApplicationAPI
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Control LayerSDNControlSoftware Infrastructure LayerSDN ArchitectureDirectly programmableAll the network control is directly programmable as it is decoupled from forwarding functions.AgileAll the controls are shortly abstracted so that by forwarding this can help to dynamically monitorthe administrator task to adjust the traffic flow on the network in order to meet the changingneeds.Centrally managedThe centralized based software SDN (Software defined network) controls and maintains theoverall view of the network.Programmatically configuredSDN allows the managers on the network to configure, manage, secure and optimize the networkresources rapidly dynamically using automated SDN software.Open source Open standards based implementation on Software Defined Network will simplifies the designand operation on network but the instructions delivered by SDN will control rather than multiple,protocols and vendor specific.INTRODUCTION TO INTENT BASED NETWORKIntent based network is network software that helps to plan, create, design and deploy on the network to enhance the network accessibility and quickness. This will monitor an administrative task automatically among the network. This provides a self-managing network.Network ServiceNetwork Device
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