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Water Quality In Typhoon Shelters | Report

Added on -2019-09-22

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ABSTRACTThe objective of this work is to find the water quality in Typhoon shelters by comparingdissolved oxygen (DO) levels and Ammonia Nitogen Levels). With the increase in pollution thecontent of the water changes and therby leading to water pollution. This report gives anoverview about the amount of oxygen levels and nitrogen levels present in the water. Thegraphs present in the above report shows the trend with which the level of various componentshas changed in recent years.By this report a thorough understanding of water quality inTyphoon shelters can be made resulting in proper understanding of the scenario.
INTRODUCTIONThe fishing boats is kept in a shelter called Typhoon shelters. The typhoons here means a kindof cyclone. We can see these kind of facilities in various city and HONG KONG is one ofthem.These kind of shelters resembles a bay. They provides shelter for small and medium kindof ships when a very heavy typhoon strikes. They usually have very small or we could saynarrow openings. There are several shelters present of this kind in HONG KONG namelyAberdeen Typhoon Shelters (South/West), Cheung Chau, Hei Ling Chau, Kwun Tong, RamblerChannel etc. Because of it’s everydays use they are getting polluted day by day. There is areport which states that in 2008, According to the analysis made by EPD (EnvironmentalProtection Department) among various shelters the quality of Hebe Haven TS,Yim Tin Tsai TSand Hei Ling Chau TS has the best quality of water i.e they were high doses of DISSOLVEDOXYGEN (6.0-7.2 mg/L) and low E.counts(1-7 cfu/100mL). Various chemicals and heavy metalswere also found in these water e.g chromium, copper, cadmium. The sediments in VictoriaHarbor was polluted by heavy metals due to the waste discharge from the industries. VictoriaHarbor has the poorest quality of water.
PROJECT METHODOLOGYHere we have given the explanation of all those methodology that is used in this project.Themethods with which project is made.The methods involves various aspects which are explainedin brief includes PLANNING,ANALYSIS,DESIGN,IMPLEMENTATION AND MAINTENANCE ANDSUPPORT. This entire project is based on SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE(SDLC) MODEL. PLANNINGIt involves various sets of plan with which project is executed. It is divided into several partswhich includes:DATA COLLECTIONSOFTWARE REUIREMENTSDATA COLLECTIONIt is that area where planning of various resources and the way with which data is collectedstudy is done. The information used in the resources were collected from various sources likemagazine and research papers and a very thorough understanding is being done to get thecorrect information and do the given project.During the planning phase various research of components has been made and it includesstudying the amount of dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen and minerals.Several authentic sites data from which data is collected is included in REFERENCES section. Thedata thus collected is analyzed in several ways which gives a complete understanding of thewater pollution scenarios. The amount of dissolved oxygen and Nitrogen dissolved in thetyphoon shelters is being compared resulting into proper understanding of the case.

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