Academic Integrity Assignment

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INTRODUCTIONAn act of breaking rules and regulations to get unfair advantage is known as cheating. Anindividual who is known for cheating is referred as cheater (Houser, Vetter and Winter, 2012).This report is based is on the topic cheating and is described about when a person execute thiskind of act than nobody gets hurt. Further different aspect related with this topic is all mentionunder this.A cheater receive something from act of fraud for which honest students work hard inclasses. This process also hamper the quality of education. Education is more than just learningfew acts during diploma (Shariff and Norenzayan, 2011).It is more than find solutions toproblem, understand complicated issues in details and many more. A person who do cheatingcheat himself .Different approaches are there which can be used by an individual to achieve endresults and set goals. The ethical way is to perspire and the short cut way and to follow or adoptthe immoral ways to achieve success. But the main disadvantage of cheating is that it givefruitful results for only short time while hard work help an individual to get number ofadvantages in long run. Different level and types of cheating are there from which academiccheating is known as the adoption of unfair way to get high marks or grades in examination. Thistype of cheating is highly exist in number of schools (Jones, 2011). This give a rise to big jolt tothe main principle of education. Main aim of education system is to develop self dependindividuals but cheating leave no space for proper development of an individual. Basically theact of cheating does not harm other person but negative affect the development of individual andtool many cause big hurdles at the stage of career development. A student can score high inexams with the help of cheating but in the long run marks did not help an individual tounderstand complex situations and find it solutions.Ethics and integrity: This concept of cheating indicate that when a person or individual executethe act of cheating than all moral implication must be consider by him. Which means the act ofcheating does not provide any king of physical, financial and any king of loss to other person.Trust and credibility issues: As per this, whenever a parson cheat than factors such as trust andreputation must be consider by him. Cheating does not results in breach of trust of anyone andshould not provide any kind of harm to the reputation of individual.Academic issues: This concept related with cheating imply that an individual do not do so muchcheating as this hamper the quality of idea development.Societal issues: As per this, too much cheating block the continuous learning of individual.Number of students and children tempt to cheat because they think this is an easy way toscore high. Sometimes children become too lazy to prepare for exams and waste their precioustime and in the end to cover the loss and to get higher marks in exams they perceive cheating as
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