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INTRODUCTIONEducation plays an essential role in every single individuals life. In modern era,education system gets changes on a regular basis which may aid both children and adults inlearning about new things(Birley and Moreland, 2014). Therefore, it is must for human beings toselect a proper educational system, university or school for their children so that they can raiseliving standards, attitude and knowledge in an appropriate manner.Erikson's PsychosocialDevelopmental Theory and Piaget's Cognitive Developmental Theory has been included underthis assignment for better understanding.MAIN BODYBrian of human beings stays in a developing stage till the age of 18 and stays much activerather than of an adult's brain. Therefore, effective learning can be done at the age in between.That is why government of United Kingdom has made educational system where citizens sendstheir children to consumers and keeps on making alterations in it so that better learning can begiven to kids and teenagers. When a child comes at the age of 4 his/her brain stays active indouble of an adult. If a child learns about anything like an instrumentals it is may be possible thatit will stay in his her mind for a longer period of time or may be for life time(Bryman, 2015).In this context, there are various theories that are being proposed by talented authorswhich can be used in order to develop minds of children so that they can get educated right ontime. Both practical and theoretical learning is must for children therefore, Government ofUnited Kingdom has made various policies which is being followed by all the educationalcentres so that to deliver better services to students that are coming to these places to learnsomething. Under this, some of theories likeErikson's Psychosocial Developmental Theory,Piaget's Cognitive Developmental Theory are being considered as the most effective ones thatmay aid in understanding the need of development of human brain at a little age. Apart from this,it is being stated by many authors that learning can be done at any age and it is continuousprocess. Some of other philosophers have supported this statement and some does not. Butaccording to the time being it is being analysed that a person can learn about new things in muchfaster way than being as in the age of an adult.Erikson's Psychosocial Developmental Theorywas being counselled byErik Erikson, inwhich he gave that an individual goes through eight stages where learning is being donethroughout his/her own life(Theories of Development. 2017). Majorly, he have focused on social1
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